Photo Week: Families

   Family shoots are always full of excitement, from messaging back and forth about outfits, to praying for good weather and happy kids!

  This family came from far and wide for a get together. I am glad they decided to get family photos while everyone was in town.  They were so fun to work with!  And yes, two of these boys are twins, and one is a cousin close in age.  They are such HAPPY babies and at the go-go-go stage, too!

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  I was just about to cancel this rainy day session, when a family dressed in red, white and blue came in the drive.  Their sweet faces and cute outfits made the shoot seem sunny, despite the grey clouds above us. 

  While we were at it, we went ahead and took little Graham’s 4 month old photos.  You may remember this sweet Mommy from her snowy day maternity shoot with big sister, Isabelle.

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  I have been taking the Silsbee’s photos since I started shooting 2 1/2 years ago.  They were one of my first clients, before I even knew what I was doing.  {not saying I do know either! haha} I love that they trust me to photograph their little girl growing up, and their precious family too.  Dale and I were in Sunday school with them as daters-turned-newlyweds.  It’s been fun to watch their love mature and grow.

  Michele came to me with a beautiful idea from Pinterest.  But as with all things on Pinterest, its harder then it looks.  I later found out there is actually a heart hand app for this shot on your phone that tells you exactly where to line up your arms for each photo.  That wouldn’t have helped us for this shoot, but it was still interesting to know how they did it for pinterest.

  I have to say, I am pretty stinkin’ proud that we did as good as we did, just guessing how it would look in the collage afterwards.  See, they are making a big heart!

  Last I heard, this was being made into a big canvas for their room.   AWESOME! 

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  And that concludes Family Day on photo week!