Healthy Habits at Marathon Mom

 Talking about Healthy Habits this month at Marathon Mom……

Guess what I felt led to share?

Yup, Dear Mom on the iPhone!


Bad phone habits plague many a home and dinner table, and not just mom, dad and children, too.  It is my hope that this message, will be received as the Check Point it is.  And if just one person today, sets their phone aside, and instead engages with their family, then its mission has been accomplished.

Come see me!

Hugs, T


7 thoughts on “Healthy Habits at Marathon Mom

  1. After reading your first post I started to silence my phone and tuck it away. It has become a priority for me to focus solely on my monsters when I am with them. I no longer cruze FB or text when I am with them and when they are permitted to play games on my tablet it is timed and I am playing with them. I want to be the mom my mom was not the scary iPhone mom who ignores her awesome and most blessed accomplishments, she who ends up looking up one day and finds her monsters all grown up without her. Pictures are now only taken on my camera as well to limit the distraction the phone can cause.

  2. Tonya, I loved the beginning & ending of the article that you added for Marathon Mom!! I read it when it was originally posted, and it ‘stung’ in a good way. I appreciated it & it’s something that needs said. I couldn’t believe how explosive it became with the commenters, maybe theirs wasn’t a sting, but more like a punch (or a bulldozer ~haha). I think the changes that you added read beautifully!! I pray that it will be received completely in the way you intended the first time. Great job (again)!!

  3. I can’t express how much I agree with and support “Dear Mom on the iPhone.” You paint such a realistic, yet sad, picture of many families today. Your article can apply not only to moms (or dads) but for anyone with a smartphone who is tempted into isolation.
    Too often, when my husband and I invite over family or friends for dinner, we try to interact with our guests or watch a movie all together, but their faces are buried in their phones for most of the evening. While we still love them, and try to forgive them, it doesn’t make it less rude. Please, don’t do this! We don’t often win when we ask for someone’s attention “versus the phones.” Since my husband and I share the primary love language Quality Time… this particularly hurts us. We are constantly asking the Lord to help us be merciful even though we get frustrated. Without Christ, I know we wouldn’t be able to continue like this. It’s a struggle.
    I have nothing against smartphones, or people that choose to use them. But it’s HOW they are being used that makes me upset… self-worship, mindless entertainment, ignoring others. It’s grown ugly.
    So even if your primary love language isn’t Quality Time, please pay attention to your family if you can. They won’t be there forever.
    Also, I am not 70, 60, 50… or even 30. I’m 21 years old, and I’m ashamed my generation seems to be one of the worst (if not THE worst.)

    • Wanted to add… Thank you, Tonya, for writing what the Lord put on your heart. It is a very brave thing to do, especially when you know people will sneer at you, attack you, and label you as judgmental. Thank you for using gentleness for an important reminder that often goes unaddressed. God bless you and your family.

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