It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

  We are working on a project at our house, including ripping up old, nasty, 12-year-old kitchen carpet!  Bleh. 

  No one EVER EVER EVER should have kitchen carpet, especially not in the sand hills, with a dog and 4 kids. 

  Do you know how many times I have scrubbed ketchup or apple cider out of the carpet!?

  But that, my friends, is a blog post for a whole nother day.

  My point is, due to sheet rock dust, I am a bit behind on my Christmas decorating.  But it’s all finally up, and I just can’t help but take photos of it.

  Every. Single. Year.

  Come on, you do it too.  I see it on Facebook! 


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  And my favorite part of all……night time!

All is calm, all is bright

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Living room at Christmas


7 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

  1. Ohhhh, how nice! I LOVE Christmas decorating. I think it is my favorite!!! Your house looks so cute and cozy. It makes me just want to come over and sit and sip some tea with you!!!:) I have not gotten to much decorated this year. We have our tree and I made some mason jar ring garlands. But, other then that I have most of my stuff packed up that I am not needing.(And I think when I go to unpack it all I am going to realize that I really don’t need it at ALL!:))
    I TOTALLY agree with you about the carpet in the kitchen. Before I was married I cleaned a house for a job. EVERY SINGLE ROOM was carpeted!!!!!!! AHHHH!!! Even that bathrooms were carpeted! I vowed to myself that I would NOT have carpet in my kitchen OR bathrooms. Even now with building a new house we are not even going to be putting it in bedrooms again. It just holds so much dust and if one of the kids gets sick in there room THAT is what is stuck in the carpet. YUCK!
    I know what it is like to do home renovations around Christmas time. I once had to have my tree in my kitchen while pine was being put up on the ceilings!:)
    Thanks for sharing your cute house! I LOVE it!:)

  2. I have a few decorations up but our house is ridiculously hard to decorate so I’m a little frustrated. Plus, all christmas decorations on our island cost a gazillion dollars. You don’t want to know what I spent on a few things this year to add to my small collection.

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