Christmas Break: Part 2

  Christmas Break continued:

  Christmas started at 8 am.  We couldn’t believe the kids slept in, maybe that Christmas Tree slumber party did the trick?
Pax gets up at 6:15 on the dot every morning, with the rest meandering out around 7.  Christmas 1

  I got myself a remote to control my camera for Christmas.  BUT, I am SO mad at Canon!  Did you know the dumb thing had enough batteries for half a dozen test shots and 4 in front of the tree before it died?????

  I HATE the cheap, just get you by, society we live in.

    Needless to say, I did not have any hearing aid batteries lying around, so back behind the camera I went.  If anything would ever happen to me, its important that the kids have some photos with momma in them, you know?

  The kids usually get 3 things from us, just like Jesus.  This year, I had 2 solid things for each kid, but a whole bunch of little fun things, that I combined for everyone’s third gift.  My favorite gift was the headphones, pictured above.  Each kid has their own color, and they are the nice ones that don’t hurt your ears, just right for Adventure in Odyssey listening.

christmas 2

  My goal was battery free again this year, and we ALMOST did it.  

  Last year it was Paxton’s flashlight, this year, it was Avery’s “real” baby.  She play mommy all the time, so we made an exception to get one that interacted with her.

christmas 3

But whose bright idea was it to get one that ate and pooped?

Oh wait, MINE. 


christmas 5

I loved the rest of the gifts though, a Spirograph for Destiny, a wooden town for Paxton complete with fire station and truck, police car, stop signs and more, K’Nex for Tylan……christmas 4christmas 8

  Nana, Great Grandma and Grandma Eileen, all got the kids Adventure In Odyssey Cd’s, so there is a whole lot of Adventures going on at our house!  Nana stopped by Christmas morning to drop hers off, she was on her way to help serve 700 people Christmas dinner in another town.  I would love to do that with her one year when all the kids are older!

christmas 7

  Christmas day would not be complete without a Birthday Party for Jesus.  This year His cake was a Cherry Coffee Cake:Jesus Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

christmas 6

 Uncle Mike gave the kids Clown Makeup for Christmas, so after nap one day, THIS is who came out of their rooms:  I give you Lovie, Rain, Lala and Bandit!clowns  

It was all fun and games until we realized the black and blue paint was NOT going to wash off.  Ack!  Thankfully it faded in a day or two!!!!

  The rest of the break was spent playing games, skating with a special friend, Miss Joy, and just being home together.  It was SO much fun!blog 2 blog 3

We LOVE Miss Joy!

blog 4 blog 5 blog 6 blog 9 blog 11Paxton thinks skating is hard work!

  We played Hearts or Apples to Apples in the evenings.   I sure wouldn’t mind if we got snowed in a few more days so we could keep it up, but alas, school is back in session, homework and early bedtime are back in

  I hope your Christmas Break was everything you wanted it would be!

    ~ T

3 thoughts on “Christmas Break: Part 2

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time together. We are just getting back to a more normal routine too. Hubby is back to work after about a month off!:( But, he is starting to build the house now so we are ALL excited!!!:)
    If you don’t mind my asking. Where did you get Pax’s wooden town? I love gifts that are worth giving now just cheap for the sake of giving. And… what is the game “hearts” ? I have been looking for good games for the kids to play other then wii or watching a movie.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your two posts make me wish it was Christmas all over again! My oldest is in K and he is still on break and because of the cold my second hasn’t been back to preschool yet either so I guess we are kind of on break still but mostly back to normal stuff. I love how intentional you are with the 3 gifts and making memories with your kids. Thanks for the inspiration!

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