Snowy Day Salt Sculptures

  Post 2 for today, is in honor of the first SNOW DAY of the year! YAY!

  We have a Snowy Day tradition here at the 4 little Ferguson’s household.  It goes beyond the usual traditions of cocoa by the fire…..these kids LOVE to do arts and crafts, so when we are snowed in for a couple of days, we make Salt Sculptures!

  We make it into an all day project.  First, we all work together to make the dough. Then, we all turn our dough into cool shapes and creatures.  It bakes while we eat lunch.  After nap, once they are nice and cool, we paint!!  Super fun way to pass the time!

Salt Sculpture Recipe

4 cups flour

1 1/2 cups water

1 cup salt

Mix together flour, water and salt.  Sculpt the doughy mixture into shapes-animals, flowers, rockets, or whatever your imagination inspires.

Bake at 350* for 1 hour.  Cool and paint with washable acrylic paint.

 Here is the original post from 2011, I cannot believe how little the kids were back then!!!!!


This is what we made last winter when we were home for 4 snow days in a row, PLUS a weekend.  It was awesome!


  Get ready for some good ol’ fashioned, MESSY fun!

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One thought on “Snowy Day Salt Sculptures

  1. Salt is going to be added to my grocery list for thie weekend! That is for sure. What a fun craft idea. I know that my kiddos would LOVE this. The love to play with play dough, so I know that this would be a hit.
    Thanks for sharing both of these today.

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