Valentine’s Day Desserts

  Valentines Day is tomorrow, so I wanted to share a few Valentine-esque and romantic desserts for you to enjoy with someone you love, or heck, eat them by yourself!!!!  

These have been blogged before, so please click on the title to be taken to their posts.

  First up, Strawberry White Chocolate Lasagna.  Mmmm!  Creamy and decadent!  This dessert has gotten a TON of traffic since it was shared over in the UK on a Valentines themed foodie blog. 

Strawberry White Chocolate Lasagna


  I won a Driscoll’s berry contest with this next simple recipe and won a years supply of berries!  This one is a perfect romantic treat for you and your sweetie…..or make them with your kids!  They will love this fun snack!

Raspberry Sweeties


And let’s not forget this AMAAAZING dessert Drea made for us last summer…..So gorgeous and good!

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake


  The kids have been enjoying their daily mail from each other, and Mommy & Daddy, too!  They have gotten flashlights, cards from Great Grandma, little toys from Nana, love notes, coupons, and the Grand Finale tomorrow is cute sticker books.


  They sure enjoy these Valentines Mailboxes every year.  Easy to make and a great way to get your creative juices flowing with homemade coupons, and love notes for your kiddos.

   You may be wondering if I do something über creative for the children’s school exchange at their Valentine Parties, and the answer is nope.  I totally get the boxed kind with pencils or stickers, all the way!  Times 2 (and before I know it, all 4) kids signing their names a bazillion times, it’s about all I can handle.  Winking smile    

  And a bit begrudgingly at that.

  I think V-day is for Dale and I, not the kids and their friends, but hey, whatever right?! 

Hugs, T

Framed Vday Collage


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Desserts

  1. Oh what incredible treats for Valentine’s Day. I think of your kids little mailboxes and how fun to know all they’re receiving. Great idea Mom! (As all of yours are…=) Lots love & Happy Valentine’s Day to all from Mrs. B.

    • Morning, Mrs. B! We received some very special cards in the mail! Thank you for your continued thoughtfulness to our family! 🙂 Ty’s birthday cards are lined up on top of the piano so he can see them everyday!

  2. I really am not sure how I came across your blog. WOW!!! What an incredible story. I can’t find the first part of the part about your renewing your vows though. I would love to read it. I really had to search to find some of them but no luck with this one.

    • Hi Charlotte, if you go to the tab called Surviving Infidelity, I have listed them all in order as they came. I knew people were struggling to find all the updates etc, so I created that page just for this reason!!!!! 🙂 Happy reading

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