7 Year Old Photo Session: Tylan

  My favorite part of being a photographer, has to be capturing my own kids.  Imagining the shots and seeing them come to life, knowing “the look” that is unique to my child and keeping those, when maybe another photographer would cast the goofy grin one aside.

God blessed me 2 years ago, by allowing a love of taking photos with my point and shoot, turn into so much more.  Praising Him with thanksgiving today…..

Now, to get some of these ordered and on my walls!!!!  🙂


IMG_5368 copy


Tylan is 7Ty 7 -2Ty 7 -4Ty 7 -5ty is 7 - 3Ty 7 - 6Ty 7 -8Ty 7 -9



8 thoughts on “7 Year Old Photo Session: Tylan

  1. What a handsome boy! I don’t know your family at all, but judging from his countenance in these photos, Tylan seems to have such a kind and considerate heart….and a little bit of rowdiness from the looks of the go-cart! Such a blessing for you to have such sweet kids. Great job on the pics too!

  2. You do a great job with your pictures. I love them all!!!:) If we lived closer to each other I know there would be some bartering going on!!!;)
    Ty is almost exactly a year older them Lil Ray(he is the 5th). It is funny to think of all the people that are pregnant around the times that you were and you did not even know it!:) He fits right in the middle of mine.:) Leah just turned 8 in Dec.:)

    P.S. I Think that in the next few months I am going to be buying some young living. How should I go about it?

  3. Happy Birthday to my handsome, sweet grandson. I love how you are such a gentleman and wonderful helper to our mom and dad. Today while we were grocery shopping together we were discussing how the store was filling up with lots of Easter items…eggs, baskets etc. I turned to Ty and asked him what Easter was really all about. This young man nailed it, right down to the fact that the most important part is that God’s not dead..He is Alive; living in Heaven and our hearts!! ❤ Love you young man!!

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