A Fashionista Wannabe In A Stay At Home Mom World

   Last month, I told you about Stitch Fix and how much fun I am having getting beautiful, high quality pieces delivered to my door!!!!!  {You really should try it, just once!!!}

  However, you also know, that I am a stay at home mom, who works hard to STAY HOME.  

Do you follow me on pinterest?  I have a Pinterest Board called “A Fashionsita Wannabe In A Stay At Home Mom World” and that sums my life up perfectly!

  I adore looking at the latest fashions, putting together outfits, accessorizing, but the truth of the matter is…….  

I literally only wear “real” clothes 2 days a week!


Family Friday to go see Grandma at her restaurant {followed by an occasional date night with my honey} and Sunday for Church!


Comfy clothes ALL THE WAY!

   I have been a stay at home momma for over 10 years. Comfort became important to me from the day I brought my babies home from the hospital. 

I mean, my outfit is only going to get puked and pooped on, right!?

  I got really scruffy over that time, sweatshirts and sweats getting bigger and baggier the more kids I had.  I didn’t go anywhere, so it didn’t matter. 


  Well, that part of my life has changed a bit.  I now have to pop into school, or get out for errands much more often than I used to, simply due to the age my children are now.  With a 5th grader and 1st grader that must be picked up every day, my days are no longer spent within the walls of my home like they were when they all were babies.

  So about 4 years ago, I decided I was too scruffy, and went shopping……..

And came home with cute church dresses.

  So I went shopping months later…….

And came home with cute tops and jeans.


  I didn’t NEED that kind of stuff, but it was so pretty!  It was hard to find comfy stuff that was cute!

  Finally, after months of picking up bargains here and there, I realized I was getting NO WHERE in the “Home Clothes Department”, so I MADE myself start looking at the cotton comfy items.

  I am not an athletic person, I tried sweats, but they just didn’t trip my trigger.  Then, the clouds parted, the angel choir sang their Hallelujah chorus, and leggings came back in.

Woo-hoo!  NOW we were talking!!!!!

   I found some long t-shirts at Sears and 2 pairs of leggings at JCP.  I wore them over and over and over again that first year.  Adding sweaters in the winter, changing from boots to flip-flops in the summer.  Paxton was still a baby and I could easily nurse him with no fuss.

{EEEEEK! Where does the time go? I want my baby back!!!!}

Home clothes

{sigh} 4 and no more, 4 and no more, 4 and no more……

Anyhow, it was perfect! I felt cute, but was still super comfy!

  The next season, I added to my wardrobe:

  I hit Khols’ sales racks, and found a few longer sweatshirt-material tunic tops that went with 2 pairs of leggings.  I also got some comfy slipper-esque boots in both black and grey.  (10 pound babies did a number on my arches, so I have to wear shoes or slippers at all times!)


  The next season, I found some cardis on sale at Target, some seriously marked down brown boots from our Marketplace grocery store, and a scarf to complete one of the outfits.  

All of this will go with the same basic leggings, & colorful v-neck undershirts I had from before:

PicMonkey Collage

  This season, I added a bit more flair to the rotation, when my favorite bargain place to shop, Zulilly, had a big printed legging sale:

fashionista blog

My SAHM fall, winter and spring wardrobe are now complete!

  I love that I can ABC all the different pieces, and make a bunch of different looks! 

  As we transition to Spring then Summer, I switch to long cotton skirts, and v-neck tees in a variety of colors with the same cardis until it gets too warm for that extra layer.  I do the same with shoes, switching from boots to moccasins then flip-flops as the temperature rises……Still comfy but cute!

    In order to be classified as “Home Clothes”, clothing items must:

A) Be comfy

B) Be comfy and on the clearance rack


C) Have I mentioned Be Comfy?  Yes?
     Ok, then CUTE enough to run into the school, go to Bible Study Wednesday night, or stop at the store any time, without having to change clothes first!

   I want to be free to lay on the floor with my kids, curl up with a book during nap time, get snot wiped on my shoulder, without any harm.  I do NOT like to wear jeans, or anything that would cut or pinch when I moved around cleaning the floor, and nothing that will catch and rip while I am doing chicken chores.

  I also want to be well dressed for my husband.  He is my number 1 human priority and I want him to be proud to have me pop into his office, or get that big ol’ grin on his face when he comes home, because he likes my cheetah leggings and fur boots. 

  Dale is a corn-fed country boy, he doesn’t care about jewelry, makeup, or fancy clothes, but I think he responded differently to me when I put away his giant sweatshirts and my ugly sweats, and got out some cute- but-comfy home clothes that made me look like a woman again. 

  *Note: Dale brought up a good point here.  He says his response didn’t change towards me, but he said my response back did.
Think about it, when I felt like I woman instead of a frumpy mom, I responded like one…..  INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!

  It’s easy to lose ourselves in the daily grind of home with kids, but if a cute pair of boots and leggings could put a spring in your step tomorrow, I think it’s something worth shopping for!

Hugs, T