Bye-bye, Kitchen Carpet!

I love our home, and I am so thankful for it, it suits our family well.

Our home

     HOWEVER, I have always hated having carpet in the kitchen. 

  For 11 1/2 years I have rued it’s existance…..


  Yes, people, almost 12 years of scrubbing dog tinkle, kid barf, ketchup, apple cider, milk,  YOU NAME IT….out of my carpet.

   It is gone for good, thanks to some very generous Christmas gifts from parents!  I think they were just sick of looking at the nastiness, but hey, we’ll take it! 

  We thought we’d have to save up for a long time to get enough set back, even with the generous gifts, but thanks to a great deal at Home Depot on Allure flooring, we were able to go front door to almost the back door with a nice water proof, scratch proof, lifetime guarantee, easy to install, easy to replace, floating floor.

  AND, it was vintage cinnamon, which means it was naturally marred like barn floor, and it was the extra wide planks, which I really really wanted.  

  Bonus, it doesn’t take special cleaners, which I am always on the look out for.  You can take my money once, but if you tell me I have to buy a special cleaner, filter, bag etc. you have lost me to a more low maintenance product!

  My sweet Mr. DIYer, Dale, installed it himself, saving us almost $2 a square foot!  We decided to take the new floor all the way into the hallway….someday, it will also go into the hall bathroom and the mud room at the back door.

Front door view Before & After:  just need to get some trim down in the hallway.Front door before & after

Demolition to the half wall!  Bye bye tight dining space, hello ROOM to move around the table!wall removal    This is the part where we discovered 1930’s original wood flooring running from fireplace to kids bedrooms.  Had it gone into the kitchen too, I’d have felt awful about covering it up!

   It is in need of some major TLC, and we are in no way ready to take on that big project, so these floating floors will just sit on top of them until “someday”.  IMG_1168IMG_1166

View into the kitchen, before & after: These photos are from December, so excuse the Christmas decor. I promise I took it down, even though I didn’t want to.  🙂

Looking into the Kitchen, Before & After:


Dining area, Before & After:dining room before and after

Facing front door:
We moved the big buffet that was on the half wall into the living room, and the little half circle table to the wall behind the door.  

There is chair rail between the red and beige paint now and I trimmed the strings off my 1917 church window.  Just need to hide the phone cord now! 🙂


  When we came home from our fun Thanksgiving trip to Branson, our fridge was dead. Boo.

  This was not accounted for in the budget, and we were afraid Christmas Floor Money was going to have to be spent on a fridge purchase, but God is so faithful.  He had challenged me to give Paxton’s clothes away, instead of selling them and specifically placed 3 families in my mind.
I did, but told Him, “Ok Lord you know I need that money to buy new clothes for the big kids, right!?”
Not only did He provide us with a gorgeous fridge that I could’ve only dreamed of owning, but He led the person to give it free of charge, the very next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Obedience ALWAYS brings blessings!
{just not always a day later, haha!}

My old fridge was soo teeny that it was constantly overflowing, and things would literally spill out on us as we tried to access them.

Hey, what can I say, I LOVE to cook! 

  Now, all the food fits so pretty and organized….. I praise God every time I open the door!fridge

  Oh and my favorite little detail!!! 

  Our phone used to sit on that half wall between rooms, so I needed a new place for it to sit. I explained to Dale what kind of crate or box I had in mind, and wouldn’t you know? He headed out to the barn and was able to find in 15 minutes of “pickin’’ EXACTLY what I was dreaming of. 

Eeek!  My very own vintage phone box with latch!

  And yes, I still have a home phone.  My cell phone is banished to the car,  I don’t want one more distraction in my house.

phone box

  Praise you God for Home Sweet un-Carpeted Home from front door to back!


One more teeny tiny update to share……I have big plans for the kids bathroom, but for now it must stay as is.  However, I could not tolerate one more DAY of the towel rack crashing to the ground at the lightest touch.  Gotta love lath and plaster walls!

Sweet Dale went and found me an old barn board and we made this:


Yay!  Cute, functional and no more crashes!

Hope you liked the tour!  More to come as money allows, it is a 1930’s house after all…

There’s always more to do!


16 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Kitchen Carpet!

  1. Just Love, Love , ❤ Love all these cool changes!!! AND, the best part…. I get to enjoy it all with your wonderful, sweet family. So blessed to be your mom, and Nana to your 4 Littles!!!

  2. You have the cutest house!!!! I LOVE the new kitchen floor. It looks soooo nice! I cleaned for a family before I got married and they had carpet in EVERY room in there house. Bathrooms, kitchen, you name it, it was carpeted! I vowed then and there that we would NEVER have carpeting in the kitchens and baths!!!:)
    Now, that you are finished with your remodel can you come over to my house and help me put it together when we are done building?!?!??! Pretty please with ice cream and a BIG ‘ol cherry on top?!?!?!;) I would LOVE that.
    I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your ideas in the new house?! I LOVE the bathroom idea and the cute little phone box! Ekk! That is just so cute and hides it away so you don’t see it.
    Well, I could just go on and on about all the cuteness of your house, but that would make for a very looong comment. So, just know that you are getting 2 thumbs up from this mama! Thanks for sharing a view into your house.
    ❤ and {{hugs}}

  3. Tonya you said your floating floor was scratch resistance. That interests me because having two big dogs I have not found any wood floor that won’t scratch. That is why I was looking at laminate flooring it will not scratch. I’m highly interested in more detail when you have the time.
    Thanks Debbie

    • The guys at Home Depot were SO helpful! They said its very scratch resistant. Not perfect, or scratch proof entirely, but hearty enough for us out here with 4 kids and 2 dogs in the sand hills! 🙂 I did pad all the furniture so it wouldn’t wear down the floor with sand over time. And, should we ever encounter a huge scrape or scratch, you simply pop up the floor to that point, replace the board and pop it back down.
      Also, Kelli Fure knows of a floor that self heals, that would be good too!!!!

  4. I love your up beat attitude. I have an older house also. There never seems to be enough time or money to turn it into the home I want for us to live in as a rejoicing family. Sometimes you just need to see it is possible to give you hope! Thanks!

  5. Oh Tonya!!! It looks amazing!! Love, love love the open space, flooring and that phone box is adorable! 🙂 I’m sure you’re so excited. We got a new fridge last month so I share your excitement in that. 🙂

  6. Gorgeous! Just Gorgeous! I love all the changes, but especially love the way God provides and rewards obedience. We sure can’t outgive God. I’m sure getting that half wall out really makes a big difference in feeling ‘open’ huh? Can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing with the kids bathroom.

  7. Wow! Gorgeous! Do you know what material this is made from? We are looking for something with similar qualities to lay in our kitchen!

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