A Fish Dish Or Two for Lent

  Thanks for all your support and prayers, we are working hard to maintain a healthy, happy tone of the home, so Papa has a good life here on Earth for his remaining days.  The hardest part about watching a loved one decline, is not knowing WHEN they are going.  It’s like we are all tiptoeing around waiting for it to happen, yet avoiding that thought, so we can enjoy the here and now.

  I want him here with us, but not like this, so then I want him to go, but not really, because we will miss him.  It’s an emotional mess!  Anyhow, thank you.

On to the food, I am not cooking right now, there just isn’t time for much, so I am sharing a Fish Dish or two to help you be creative if you gave up meat for lent.  These both have been blogged before, so just click on the link to be taken to the original post.

  Cook Once, Eat Twice: Tilapia


  First up is Parmesan Tilapia, night 2, Tilapia Corn & Potato Chowder. YUM!

Cilantro Salmon


Eating fish does NOT have to be boring…..