Papa Don Loves Sister Schubert

  Papa loves Sister Schubert’s ROLLS, that is! Winking smile

  Before I knew our lives were going to get busy, and would revolve around the family member living out his last days in our home, I agreed to Host a Sister Schuberts Party and blog about it.


  Needless to say, I did NOT host 12 woman at my house, but I DID share the rolls and goodies Sister Schubert sent, with those I invited.  A lunch box, a magnetic pad of paper for the fridge…..


   And a coupon for these:


  Some days, you just NEED a warm, fluffy, whole wheat roll with supper! 

  I have a yummy recipe for Heavenly Yeast Rolls, but often I don’t remember fast enough in the day, that I should’ve made some homemade rolls to go with our Beef Stroganoff and Green Beans.  That is where Sister Schubert’s comes in.

Easy, ready in 5 minutes, no rise whole wheat rolls, located in the freezer section of your local grocery store:IMG_5987

    We shared the rolls at a play date with my BFF’s kiddos after Piano Lessons today, and they all LOVED them!

“Mmm, these smell great! Can we eat them yet?”


Yes, dig in!


Sister Schubert’s gets 2 thumbs up……

{Avery and her BFF}


 ….and some cool dude signs as well!


  They had so much FUN together!

   In other news, Papa had a rough weekend.  He was very emotional after attending the funeral of 20 year old, Allyson at his church.  His tears were not only in grief for a family he thinks the world of, who were blown away that he would come show his support, but also because he was sitting in his own church, thinking of his own funeral. 

  We also had a pretty big scare this weekend, a Seizure/Stroke type episode where Don went stiff as a board, lost feeling in his right side, had garbled breathing and no speaking ability for a long period of minutes.  We honestly thought we were loosing him, it was so very scary!

But, God is so good….

  A family had just arrived to bring us a delicious meal, and the wife is an EMT.  She quickly helped Dale carry Don to his bed, and she was able to assess the situation, and write a note for Don’s doctor appointment on Monday.  She also was able to check his vitals once his episode passed.

I am continually amazed at how the Father takes care of His children.  I wouldn’t have known what to do, nor would I have the strength to help Dale carry Don to bed.  We are praising God, even in the storm.

  Papa’s church family is so precious, Pastor Chad and his beautiful family, came over and read the Bible and just visited with him.  And our home is rarely without church members who stop by to say hi and pray with him, or tell him how special he is…..IMG_5967

  Happy Monday everyone, my precious ones have no school today, thanks to Parent Teacher Conferences, and I am thankful to have them here.  It’s harder though, because we have to stay more quiet than usual, so Papa can rest. 

  Thank you, Sister Schubert’s, for allowing me to share your yummy rolls and goodies with my friends!

  And thank the Lord for warmer temps the next few days, so we can be outside a LOT!  I am ready to dig my toes into some garden soil already…..

  Hugs to you all,



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3 thoughts on “Papa Don Loves Sister Schubert

  1. My mom always made her homemade rolls for Thanksgiving at my house. After she passed in 2009 I couldn’t bring myself to make her rolls. So I used a coupon for Sister Schubert’s rolls, and the angels sang! They’re SO good!
    As for Papa, I pray for his peace….and yours, too.

  2. Praise God for HIS perfect timing. You never cease to amaze me how you get things done..even thinking to take another ‘route’ to make it happen. Love SS rolls…no doubt the kids loved being taste testers. Awesome pix…God bless you all in special ways as you minister to Papa Don. ♥♥

  3. Oh Wow! I have never heard of Sister Schubert’s before. That is really need how you can have them delivered right to your door! I think I may have to look into them. They would be great for a go to if I forget to make my own! And they price is really not bad. Thanks for sharing.:)
    It is so wonderful to see the hands of GOD at work when family needs it. I am so glad that Papa Don has such a loving church and that you have wonderful friends who are there for you in this time of need. That is just what we as Christian are supposed to do. I don’t know if it is just that we live on the east coast or what but, you don’t have that as much here. It seems that you see more of that out west and in the south. Kinda sad tho.:(
    But, you are all in my prayers! Sending you my love!!!

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