Scooter Races

  My kids LOOOVE to take our Scooters into town and have Scooter Races, and an around the block Scooter Parade, at Great Grandma and Nana’s house.

Our favorite one was this one, with our special Great Grandpa before he went to see Jesus.


  This time, we had a new Zinc Outbreak II Skate Park Scooter to try out, thanks to the generosity of Zinc, and Felicitas Media company.  They are the nice folks that had us review Dale’s favorite iPad cover.

  We Ferguson’s take our Scooter Races VERRRRY seriously!

  Right away we noticed this was a MUCH hardier, sturdier brand of Scooter than we were used to.  It has Batwing Bars, a double stack clamp that keeps the handle bar from wobbling, high-speed bearings and Alloy Core Wheels for a smooth ride.

scooter 2

It also has a really nice, easy to use, back fender brake.

scooter 3

  It was so sturdy, even this Momma got to enjoy a spin around the sidewalk!  I wouldn’t dare do that on the other scooters we have, they are way too flimsy!!!!scooter 3 1scooters 4

After a few more races, I asked the kids to rate their new scooter……scooter 5

  Check it out!  Zinc Outbreak II Skatepark Scooter gets 8 Thumbs Up from the 4 little Fergusons!scooter 10

  If you are in the market for a scooter that will last through multiple children, then you will want to check out more awesome scooters by Zinc here…..

Thanks, Zinc!


Scooter was provided by Felicitas Media and Zinc scooter company, but all opinions and reviews are based on our experience with the product, and are in no way dictated by the companies providing them.



  I was gone all weekend to Women’s Encounter, where I got to share the good news of a Father who is still in the Marriage Restoration Business.  I was sooo excited but tired when I got home, that I didn’t check my blog posts scheduled, and apparently this one got posted yesterday. Oops! Now you get to read it all over again. Sorry about that! 🙂

  Real quick before we get to the Circus, I want to share that 12 women got Baptized at Encounter. Woot woot!  God moved in mighty mighty ways, the Holy Spirit so powerful, you could feel the reverberations through the room.
If you ever get a chance to go, do. Just do.  Don’t over think it, just go and be changed. Satan will do what he can to keep you from attending, but just know, if he is that threatened by Encounter, it’s bound to be life changing!

  Every year, the First Graders at Central Christian School put on a Circus.  It’s a ton of work for the teacher, but everyone loves it, and talks about it with great anticipation their entire 1st grade year. 

  This is the 20th Annual 1st Grade Circus!!! Let the show begin!

Here they come:

circus 1

This Circus had the most amazing trapeze artists,circus 2

Acrobatic Jugglerscircus 3

An amazingly strong Strong Man, circus 4

A daring tight rope walker and some funny clowns!circus 6circus 5

  Ty likes to play clown so much at home, I was sure that is who he would choose to be.


  But, he informed me he was the Monkey!  They drew names and that is what he selected, he was such a great sport and the cutest little chimp you ever did see!circus 7  The fearless Lion and Tiger and Cougar Tamer, put on a great show!  Then the clowns came back out to make more mischief before the show was over.  circus 8

  Since it was the 20th Annual Circus, Mrs. Penner invited all the former Circus performers to come out onto the gym floor, and stand next to the character they were many years ago.  It was so cool!
Destiny was the tight rope walker 5 years ago now, WOW.  You can see her in the bottom right photo below, in the black leotard, front and center.   
MY BABY! Waaaah!circus 9

That’s the Show Folks, thanks for coming!

~Tylan for Central Christian’s First Grade Class


Gold Rush Cobbler

  Threw this together spur of the moment one night, when I had a hankering for something warm underneath my ice cream.  I didn’t know what to expect with 4 ingredients: graham crackers, chocolate chips,  sweetened condensed milk and pecans, but it was really tasty!  Serve it warm from the oven with ice cream for cobbler scoopability.

  OR, I discovered that the next day, it turns into more of a yummy, chewy brownie consistency that you can cut into squares and pick up to eat.  Either way, its a WIN!

Gold Rush Cobbler

{click title to print}

gold rush cobbler


  • 18 whole Graham Cracker Rectangles, Crushed
  • 28 ounces, fluid Sweetened, Condensed Milk
  • 12 ounces, weight Milk Chocolate Chips
  • 1 cup Pecans, Cropped
  • 1 carton Salted Caramel Ice Cream
  • Caramel Ice Cream Topping, For Drizzling

Preparation Instructions

Preheat oven to 350F. Place crackers in a sealed zip lock and crush with a rolling pin.
Mix crumbs with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips and pecans.
Spray a 9×13 pan with cooking spray and lightly sprinkle with flour. Press mixture into pan and bake for 30 minutes, or until golden brown.
Serve cobbler warm with caramel ice cream and a drizzle of caramel for pretty.



Easter Weekend

  I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Weekend celebrating our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ!

easter collage

  We try very hard to keep Easter about Jesus, and his death, burial and resurrection.  For that reason, the Easter Bunny does not come visit our house.  Our Easter baskets are called Resurrection baskets, and the goodies inside, in celebration of our Risen Lord.

We talk Good Friday about how long Jesus suffered on the cross, and how lost everyone must have felt on Saturday, their Jesus, their hope, was gone!  We have the kids watch that video I shared on Friday every year, to help them understand how painful it was for Jesus, what a gift it was to them, that he stayed on that cross so they could have life.  This year, the video really affected Paxton, he just had to bury his head in my shoulder and cry after.  “Jesus die, Mommy. Jesus DIE.”

  However, I woke up this morning {Sunday} to him jumping on our bed shouting,  “JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!” at 6:38 am.
Proof 3 year olds can totally “get” the real reason we celebrate Easter. 

Here are some photos from our Easter Weekend:

Waiting outside for their big surprise….
easter 1

A tree house Zip Line!  We prayed angels of protection in Jesus name, showed them how it was done and laid some ground rules.  I may or may not have gotten 3 blisters from trying it out the night before.

You know, quality control. Gotta test it out for the safety of the kids!

  Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit!  They are out there right now as I write you, going again and again with Daddy.Easter 2

Resurrection Baskets:
easter 6

This one is so super serious, but I adore it.  I was checking my settings and they were just waiting nicely.easter 3easter 4easter 5

  Easter service at church was INCREDIBLE!  The baptisms and testimonies always make me bawl.  God is so good, praise the Lord for new life in Christ!

  We decided to just stay home for Easter lunch this year.  We always adore being with our extended families, but sometimes its nice to stay home and make our own holiday meals, and traditions.easter 7easter 8

 I used my wedding china for the first time in 12 years! It’s been out of storage for a year, waiting for a special time to use it.  🙂  It comes from Grandma, and is cream with a delicate gold border, so pretty!!!!

  Well, that is all from here.  Happy Monday, folks!

  My kiddos are home from school today, so I am hoping to get some fun, family time in.  But first, I am working a big out of town photo job. Pray for me! I have never photographed homes before, let alone fancy ones!!!!!!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me………  Winking smile

Hugs, T

What Love Is This

  This song has been on repeat at my house, I absolutely adore it.  It is perfect as we head into Easter weekend, and the promise of a Risen Savior, Hallelujah!

You never change, you are the God you say you are;
When I’m afraid you calm and still my beating heart.
You stay the same, when hope is just a distant thought,
You take my pain, and you lead me to the cross
What love is this, that you gave your life for me
And made a way for me to know you
And I confess you’re always enough for me you’re all I need
I look to you, I see the scars upon your hands.
And hold the truth, that when I can’t you always can.
I’m standing here, beneath the shadow of the cross.
I’m overwhelmed that I keep finding open arms.
What love is this that you gave your life for me
And made a way for me to know you
And I confess, you’re always enough for me
You’re all I need
Jesus in your suffering you were reaching your thought of me
Jesus in your suffering you were reaching your thought of me
What love is this, that you gave your life for me
And made a way for me to know you
And I confess, you’re always enough for me
You’re all I need
What love is this, that you gave your life for me
And made a way for me to know you
And I confess, you’re always enough for me
Always enough for me
Always enough for me

Hugs, T