Easter Weekend

  I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Weekend celebrating our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ!

easter collage

  We try very hard to keep Easter about Jesus, and his death, burial and resurrection.  For that reason, the Easter Bunny does not come visit our house.  Our Easter baskets are called Resurrection baskets, and the goodies inside, in celebration of our Risen Lord.

We talk Good Friday about how long Jesus suffered on the cross, and how lost everyone must have felt on Saturday, their Jesus, their hope, was gone!  We have the kids watch that video I shared on Friday every year, to help them understand how painful it was for Jesus, what a gift it was to them, that he stayed on that cross so they could have life.  This year, the video really affected Paxton, he just had to bury his head in my shoulder and cry after.  “Jesus die, Mommy. Jesus DIE.”

  However, I woke up this morning {Sunday} to him jumping on our bed shouting,  “JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!” at 6:38 am.
Proof 3 year olds can totally “get” the real reason we celebrate Easter. 

Here are some photos from our Easter Weekend:

Waiting outside for their big surprise….
easter 1

A tree house Zip Line!  We prayed angels of protection in Jesus name, showed them how it was done and laid some ground rules.  I may or may not have gotten 3 blisters from trying it out the night before.

You know, quality control. Gotta test it out for the safety of the kids!

  Needless to say, it was a HUGE hit!  They are out there right now as I write you, going again and again with Daddy.Easter 2

Resurrection Baskets:
easter 6

This one is so super serious, but I adore it.  I was checking my settings and they were just waiting nicely.easter 3easter 4easter 5

  Easter service at church was INCREDIBLE!  The baptisms and testimonies always make me bawl.  God is so good, praise the Lord for new life in Christ!

  We decided to just stay home for Easter lunch this year.  We always adore being with our extended families, but sometimes its nice to stay home and make our own holiday meals, and traditions.easter 7easter 8

 I used my wedding china for the first time in 12 years! It’s been out of storage for a year, waiting for a special time to use it.  🙂  It comes from Grandma, and is cream with a delicate gold border, so pretty!!!!

  Well, that is all from here.  Happy Monday, folks!

  My kiddos are home from school today, so I am hoping to get some fun, family time in.  But first, I am working a big out of town photo job. Pray for me! I have never photographed homes before, let alone fancy ones!!!!!!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me………  Winking smile

Hugs, T

7 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Such a Blessed Celebration of our Resurrected Lord! It’s so awesome that your children do ‘get’ what Easter is all about. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I think you are a very brave mommy to approve a zipline in your yard. ;} WOW! Your kids…your family…are so blessed that you all have each other on this journey called life.

  2. In the serious picture, Avery is smiling….I think that girl always has a smile. Love the pictures and hearing about your traditions. Sometimes a quieter day at home is just what is needed.

  3. Tonya, I haven’t been following you for long, but in that short time, I have grown to love you and your family. I have gone back and read some archived posts and I have to tell U how much I admire you, your strength and especially your love and trust in our Lord. You have more strength and faith than so many of us. I have received so much from reading about your honest and sometimes hard struggles. Today’s post is proof that putting everything in your life in God’s hands is what LIFE is truly about! You live for Christ… Thank you for continuing to share your life with us… Love in Christ…

  4. Hi T, it looks like you all had a lovely Easter celebration. I thought of you yesterday because I made your Green Bean Haystacks and they were a hit!!

  5. I love the idea of calling the baskets Resurrection Baskets! I love the idea of having a holiday at home with just our family. It IS great to see extended family, but sometimes the hustle and bustle from one grandparents to the next is so exhausting that we don’t get to really cherish the purpose of this season. Do you have any tips for setting boundaries in this regard (or maybe your extended families are understanding and not offended)? My husband and I really struggle with this in particular.

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