Scooter Races

  My kids LOOOVE to take our Scooters into town and have Scooter Races, and an around the block Scooter Parade, at Great Grandma and Nana’s house.

Our favorite one was this one, with our special Great Grandpa before he went to see Jesus.


  This time, we had a new Zinc Outbreak II Skate Park Scooter to try out, thanks to the generosity of Zinc, and Felicitas Media company.  They are the nice folks that had us review Dale’s favorite iPad cover.

  We Ferguson’s take our Scooter Races VERRRRY seriously!

  Right away we noticed this was a MUCH hardier, sturdier brand of Scooter than we were used to.  It has Batwing Bars, a double stack clamp that keeps the handle bar from wobbling, high-speed bearings and Alloy Core Wheels for a smooth ride.

scooter 2

It also has a really nice, easy to use, back fender brake.

scooter 3

  It was so sturdy, even this Momma got to enjoy a spin around the sidewalk!  I wouldn’t dare do that on the other scooters we have, they are way too flimsy!!!!scooter 3 1scooters 4

After a few more races, I asked the kids to rate their new scooter……scooter 5

  Check it out!  Zinc Outbreak II Skatepark Scooter gets 8 Thumbs Up from the 4 little Fergusons!scooter 10

  If you are in the market for a scooter that will last through multiple children, then you will want to check out more awesome scooters by Zinc here…..

Thanks, Zinc!


Scooter was provided by Felicitas Media and Zinc scooter company, but all opinions and reviews are based on our experience with the product, and are in no way dictated by the companies providing them.