Celtic Woman

  My mom and Grandma are next door neighbors.  Actually, better than that, they are on both sides of a duplex.  I adore how much they do together, and praise God for His infinite wisdom in moving them side by side.


  Grandma always has to call mom when Celtic Woman comes on PBS.  She also calls me and makes me tell the girls so they can turn it on.  Haha, she is so funny!  They are so talented and the girls love their long flowing gowns. 

The video link won’t work above, but you can listen later.  They played Amazing Grace with bag pipes at the concert, oh my word! AMAZING.

   When I got an email from Groupon saying they were coming to a town near us for one day only, I knew we had to go.  Even better, the VERY expensive tickets, were reduced to $19.99!  I called mom and we planned a special SURPRSIE Mothers Day/Girls Night Out for Grandma and the little girls.

  They had no idea what the evening had in store for them! weekend 2

First a little shoe shopping, then dinner out…….weekend 3weekend 4

A big shout out to our awesome waitress, Jordan. {above}
AND to the darling cowboy in suspenders that let me take his photo!weekend 5

After dinner, we broke the big news to them!IMG_8626


Then, this happened:

weekend 6

Yeah, it pretty much made my year.

  The concert was amazing.  Very interesting, lots of outfit changes, unusual instruments and amazing harmony.


One thing I wasn’t expecting was the amazing Drums and Irish Dancers, that was my favorite part!

If you have never heard Celtic Woman, and wish to be enlightened, check out this video of Amazing Grace with Bagpipes…..when they sang it, we all had chills and tears for our Papa.

Celtic Woman You Tube

  I bet you are wondering what the guys did?  WELL, they had a very special date too!!! Papa would be so proud.  First time fishing, and look at that load!

weekend 1


7 thoughts on “Celtic Woman

  1. Oh!! I am sooo jealous!!! I LOVE the Celtic Woman’s music!!!! It is so peaceful and just puts you in such a good mood! I have them on my Pandora and LOVE to play it in the house.:)
    What a GREAT surprise for all the girls!:) What a special night. AND….. You have some AMAZING fisherman there! What a lucky girl you are!;)

  2. Oh wow how cool you saw the Celtics-I never heard they were coming-am jealous!!! Love their music!! But that is so neat you were able to have a girls night out!

  3. I LOVE The Celtic Woman! My husband and I watched it on PBS on two different occasions and we blasted the tv both times. I have two of their Christmas cd’s. They are fascinating!

  4. Ever since I stumbled upon your blog I just cannot wait to read what comes next…what a beautiful family…so full of life and joy and grace!
    Blessings from Shirley in Virginia

  5. I love Celtic woman! Your music is the first! It makes someone in a good mood and help to think deep.How beautiful girl you are with your wonderful voices! May Lord of mercy bless you!!

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