Fashionista Wanna-be In a SAHM World: Spring Edition

   Remember this winter, when I shared my Pinterest board called Fashionista Wanna-be In A Stay At Home Mom World?  I told you all my favorite fall and winter looks, cute but comfy, for Stay At Home Momma’s.

  You all had such great responses and feedback, and questions, like, “Ok, what do you wear in Spring Summer then?”

  So here we are, Spring/Summer.  This season started out very very cool where we live, like 40’s at night and morning and warming to a brisk 50*.  So this is what I wore:

Spring clothes plus sweaters.  Brrrr!  You can thank Avery for this oh so wonderful photo.  Bahaha!

I told you in the last post, that I have been a stay at home Momma for over 10 years. Comfort became important to me from the day I brought my babies home from the hospital.

I mean, my outfit is only going to get puked and pooped on, right!?

  I got really scruffy over that time, sweatshirts and sweats getting bigger and baggier the more kids I had.  I didn’t go anywhere, so it didn’t matter.  


In the summer, I literally wore shorts with one of Dales giant t-shirts like a dress.  Classy, right?!  😉

  Well, that part of my life has changed a bit.  I now have to pop into school, or get out for errands much more often than I used to, simply due to the age my children are now.  So about 4 years ago, I decided I was too scruffy, and went shopping……..

And came home with cute church dresses.

  So I went shopping months later…….

And came home with cute tops and jeans.


  I didn’t NEED that kind of stuff, but it was so pretty!  It was hard to find comfy stuff that was cute!

   Finally, after months of picking up bargains here and there, I realized I was getting NO WHERE in the “Home Clothes Department”, so I MADE myself start looking at the cotton comfy items.

  I am not an athletic person, so I have tolerated many a summer in capri yoga pants and my favorite v-neck t-shirts.  They work fine, it just wasn’t me.  Guess I am just frou frou to the core?  🙂

    Last Summer, I discovered the Skirt/dress section……..


    I found some elastic waist skirts from College, tucked in the back of my closet. I found some cute tank dresses, and skirts at Goodwill, and T-shirt material skirts in the bargain rack at JCPenny’s. 

  Skirts are SOOO comfy, and long, and flowy, and lady-like, that I TOTALLY fell in love.

  Yes, they get in the way sometimes, so I just tuck my skirt up between my legs like the pioneer woman used to.  Haha, but skirts are also VERY good for tomato holder when harvesting the garden, just sayin!

Here are my favorite bargain finds, and remember, they all go with v-neck t-shirts I already own and have worn all winter with leggings, under sweaters. 


  This year, Palazzo pants came back, EEEEKKKKK!  So excited!  I got mine from Jane.  A bargain shopping opportunity, straight to your email.  Reminds me a lot of Zulily, which I use to buy ahead 3 birthday gifts and 3 Christmas gifts for the kids.  They have the best educational toys and shoe deals!  Jane is like that, but more clothes and jewelry, scarves and home items.

  So I decided to add Palazzo to my Spring outfit rotation.  And they of course fall into the 4 rules for SAHM clothes:

1) Be Comfy

2) Be Comfy

3) Be Comfy

4) Be cute and still COMFY!2

   I told you in the last post, my Mommy Morale, and response to my husbands loving touch, has increased so much more now that I don’t feel like a frumpy mom.  Plus, I don’t have to change when I am done playing Play Dough with the kids, and need to run an errand in town.  Who has time for that?! Not this girl.

  Being a Stay at Home Momma is an exhausting, but amazing job, you might as well look good while you are doing it!  🙂

  Hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day yesterday!



7 thoughts on “Fashionista Wanna-be In a SAHM World: Spring Edition

  1. I REALLY like the skirts!!! I have been trying to find my style lately! I think I am really liking the long skirt idea! Ray really likes me to wear skirts/dresses. I really like it too, but I am so over the long jean skirts! I grew up on the extreme modest dress so, I am really trying to stay with the skirts just not like the old me! I NEED something new!!!;) I am going to have to really keep my eyes open for cotton skirts like you have!:)
    Thanks for getting this mama’s brain working!!!:)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging post. I have lived in sweat pants way too long as a SAHM! Went online and bought three new maxi skirts today!

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