Mom’s Day At The Lake

  Hi there! Did you have an amazing weekend and Mother’s Day?  I hope it was everything you wanted it to be. 

  When Dale told me I could pick anything I wanted for Mother’s Day, I knew with no doubt what my answer would be….

  I wanted him to take us to the lake. 


  We have been waiting for 4+ years to get a motorhome, so we can do this stuff, and I am over it.  I just wanted to go!  I don’t care if that means we set up one of this little tent canopies to be under all day long!  And I don’t care if that means I make food on the back of the pick up bed and open fire. 

  Even when we had a camping trailer to take to the lake, I chose to cook out on the open fire, it’s too fun!

  We woke up Sunday morning to a horrrrrible strong wind, like 65 miles an hour, and bad thunderstorms and tornado watch coming later that evening.  Call me stubborn, but I still wanted to go, even just for a little.

  So we grabbed one set of food and snacks instead of 2 meals like we had originally planned and headed to the lake for a few hours.

  We were the ONLY ONES THERE!  Woo hoo!!!  

  Guess the wind was scaring everyone off????  We are either really really clever, or really really not.  Haha!

lake 2lake 1

  The last time we came here, Avery was a baby crawling around on a large carpet piece under the camper awning, so she didn’t remember the lake.  She ran and jumped with glee everywhere she went. I loved to see them all 3 explore the lake and play imagination games all day.lake 3

  So you know how I told you I LOVED cooking over the open fire?  Usually it’s something like Pepsi Chicken:


   Or just grilling meat, or already made and foiled burritos, but my friend Kalene introduced us to something more AMAZING than any of those things…..Mountain Pies! 

  Or as we called them yesterday, Pie Iron Pizzas!   EEEK! So yummy!

Check this out:

  You can get pie irons at any camping store.  We got some this weekend at Mernard’s for $10 each instead of $20.  They are 2 pieces of cast iron that clip together and you lay them on the coals with the filling of your choice and it will bake or toast to golden perfection.  You can do grill cheese too and tons more. I have pinned them to my new Camping Recipes board here.

lake 4lake 5

Dale made me a Sausage, Pepperoni, Jalapeno one that was DIVINE! And let’s not forget dessert on this special occasion.

You can do strawberries and cream cheese with powdered sugar, you can do peanut butter chocolate, you can do S’mores fillings…the possibilities are endless.  We just did wheat bread again, but I was reading you can do crescent dough as well, which would be even more fattening and amazing.lake 6

  After that, some R&R in the sun while Dale fished and the kids played.

lake 11

lake 12lake 7lake 14

  Paxton fell in love with a worm he proclaimed was “his”….
That ended quickly when the worm raced up his arm!  Eeek, he hated that!
lake 13

  We only caught one big fish and lots of tiny bait fish, but all in all, a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at home, right?lake 10

  We are sunburnt, but happy this morning, making plans to go again SOON!

Happy Monday!!!


6 thoughts on “Mom’s Day At The Lake

  1. Looks like a fun lake to visit! We have a state park close by that we love to go to so the Ray can fish and the kids can run and have fun!:)
    Glad that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We had both sets of parents over and my grandma over for dinner and then just took it easy for a nice (dusty) ride on the ranger!!!:)

  2. I love those little irons!! We used to do canned pie fillings as a treat, and raw egg and ham went in, in the morning, and we covered them in a hollandaise sauce! My mouth is watering just remembering!! Glad you had a good mother’s day!!

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