Believing For A Miracle

  Sometimes I am simply at a loss for words. I have shed so many tears in the past few months.  I love that the Bibles tells me that the Holy Spirit can translate those cries of sorrow, those groaned prayers where no words can be formed, and whisper them to my Father in Heaven.


  The week Papa Don went to Hospice House, my daddy, whom my kids call their Papa Clay, found out he had cancer in his lung. It was such a fluke deal, the way they found it, and totally a God thing.  He was having his torn meniscus repaired, and the tech “accidentally” did a full body scan instead of waist down.  That is how they found the cancer.  I say “accidentally” because I know we can all praise God for that part!

The doctors have since removed the top lobe of his right lung, in a super painful surgery, hoping they got it all.  (Stage 1)


  Now, tests show the cancer is in his lymph nodes too. (Stage 3)


  Next comes a word I hate….


  I watched Chemo slowly take our lively Papa Don from us, so I would be lying if I didn’t tell you, that I am terrified of walking the same path again.  All while trying to remain faith-filled and believing cancer CAN be fought against, and won.

  Thankfully there are lots of natural options and Sunshine Clinics in Florida, that believe in rebuilding the body and immune system, while destroying the cancer.  There are amazing supplements out there, to rebuild the body while its being bombed with chemo and radiation, praise the Lord!  


It’s just so soon. 

  The children are worried, I hate to see the knit brows, the tears, and having to answer the hard questions they are asking about their beloved Papa Clay, all while trying to adjust to life without Papa Don in it.

 Paxton asked me with such sorrow the other day, if the Florida Papa was in Heaven too.  It will be good for him to go hug his Papa and see him this summer.  You better believe I am doing everything possible on this end, to get ready for a cross country trip so that can happen.  If school was already out, I’d ALREADY be there………..

  We are asking Jesus for a miracle….. 
Please help me pray!



25 thoughts on “Believing For A Miracle

  1. I am joining you in prayer!! God is BIGGER than cancer!! He makes all things new!!
    Many hugs to you & yours 🙂

  2. Oh Tonya! I am so sorry to hear this!!!! I just prayed and will continue to keep you in my prayers!
    Have you ever heard of Dr. Schulze? My Brother and Sister in law really like him. He is the All Natural Alternative to Meds. He has some AMAZING success stories of people being healed using his herbs!!!!!!! I think from what I have been told he can be a bit rough with his words and such but…… He knows his herbs! Here is his website if you would like to check him out. I know that I would rather try this out then go thru the whole Chemo thing. Yuck!!!!:(
    I just thought that I would let you know about this. It is worth a try. You know? I am not sure why I did not remember him before.:/
    Love and hugs being sent your way! You are all so strong and the LORD does not give you more then you can handle. Even tho sometimes you don’t understand why you are going thru such tough times. He has a reason for it. We may never know until we get to heaven. But, I do know that sometimes we are touching people that we don’t even know that we are and that is the whole reason for us going thru it!!!!

  3. Oh Tonya, so saddened to hear your dad and family are once again dealing with the scare of cancer. God is good, and He makes no mistakes. I share your feelings that finding your dad’s cancer was a miracle in the making. God has strengthened your resolve and I pray with you that your father and family will not have to go through this again, so soon after losing sweet Papa Don. Lifting you all in prayer to be comforted with good news soon.

  4. Love that you are sharing your adventures in the storm…they are bittersweet times that we all experience in this life….. praying for you to see the rainbows as the clouds part each day to be encouraged, have peace and know the creator of heavens & earth has this in the palm of His hands.

  5. The ‘C’ word. Ughhh. I HATE IT & I hate what it puts families through. I’m so sorry! Will be praying & believing for a miracle.

  6. Thoughts and prayers are with you. My dearest friend is going through treatment now for cancer so I too know how hard it is. Stay strong you can do this!!!

  7. Tonya,
    I am so sorry that your family has to go through this again. I have been in similar situations and I know how difficult it is. You and your family are in my prayers. Stay strong.

  8. Standing with you and surely countless others across the globe- asking for a miracle, believing the Miracle Creator is more than able. Knowing full well you will testify to His Unfailing Love through it all. Peace and Grace in abundance.

  9. I will be praying for you, your family, and your parents through this ordeal. My heart goes out especially to your children, to have both grandfathers diagnosed with the same C word, will be so hard for them. I will pray that the Lord will touch each of their hearts in a special way as your family once again fights this battle. Love and prayers!

  10. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Miracles do happen, Tonya. And there are times when a ‘miracle’ is masqueraded in something so painful that we have a difficult time seeing it. That’s when our faith in God becomes so very important.
    I will be keeping all of you close in my prayers, as Papa Clay begins his journey.
    Sending hugs to you and yours,
    Suzanne (a hospice bereavement counselor)

  11. Jesus is STILL healing those that believe today! A women in my former church was prayed over, she had been going to the Mayo clinic and was diagnosed with a cancer rate of 100% fatality, she went back after the elders and pastor had anointed her with oil and prayed for healing and believed in it, she went back for her visit at the Mayo clinic and as the doctors put it “it was only a miracle that could have done it” she didnt have a TRACE of that cancer in her body, she was at a severe stage in it as well. They actually had to change the fatality rate of that cancer because of this woman, because of her faith, because of the Lords healing power that is still happening today for those that believe!

  12. I have just found your site and immediately said a prayer for all of you. Please keep us updated so that we can continue to pray.

  13. Lord i stand in agreement for this miracle to happen for this family you are are healer our king our almighty Lord we thank you for this in the name of Jesus Amen!!!!

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