Painting Party

  This weekend, the girls in Destiny’s 5th grade class got to have a Painting Party!  We have the most DARLING Studio downtown now.  You can have a birthday party there, a wine & paint party for Mom’s, or just come and rub shoulders with other artists and work on a project or two.

  This particular gathering was for a rather sad purpose, one of the 9 girls in their grade is moving away.  We wanted Cassie to have a special last memory with her friends, so this was the perfect scenario, especially since she was going to leave with not only her owl painting, but a painted canvas full of notes from her friends.

paint party 1  Cassie is the one in the coral shirt.paint party 4paint party 2

  From the get go everyone was giggling and having fun….even the Moms over on the couch area. 

  To start, the girls were to choose 5 colors, plus white for their owl picture. It was cool to see all the different color combos come out, per each girls personality.paint party 3paint party 5paint party 8paint party 6  Miss Lacey, the instructor, talked them through the Owl Painting, step-by-step.   She said the girls did WONDERFULLY, as this is an extra hard painting for their age group.paint party 10paint party 9  They spent 2 hours on these paintings before we got to the final touches.  Ivy is showing below, that clearly standing on your chair gives you that oomph you need to finish up.

paint party 11   And apparently Destiny decided whipping her hair through her paint plate would be an add artistic flare to her hair do? It’s still not out after 2 washings, thankyouverymuch.  At least its kinda pretty?!

Here is the signed canvas:
Such a perfect gift for Cassie to hang in her new room in her new home!paint party 12

  The final product and tired, but happy girls!paint party 13

  If you are looking for a unique place for a Mom’s Night Out, Sunday School Class party for a couples His & Hers paintings, or a special kiddos Birthday Party, this Studio is the place for you! 

  If you are local, and would like more information from me, feel free to drop me a note on facebook and I can give you some specifics.

  Hugs, T

6 thoughts on “Painting Party

  1. I went to one of those on Friday night also! Mine was for a fundraiser my friend had. It was such a great time I can’t wait to do it again soon.

  2. I L-O-V-E this!!! Is the business called The Corky Canvas by chance? We have one in my town and I have never been there before, but I think it’s similar to this. How fun and what a great job they all did!!!

  3. Thank you for photographing the event! I sent it to my mom who was very happy to see it too. Special memories…

  4. I just learned of an artist who not only has a studio where she lives that she teaches kids and adults in that sounds similar to this one but she has also created step by step DVDs so kids can learn at home. I heard about it at a homeschooling conference because it is great for homeschooling families. It is called Creating a Masterpiece. We just ordered the beginner set and are going to do one of the projects as a family over the summer. She shared how art is the way to reverse the “zombie effect” that is happening in our kids because of entertainment. I’m excited to see how our projects go!

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