Survivor Island

  Good morning, sorry this post is late going live, I just finally sat down to write it this morning!  We spent the entire day at school yesterday, even though I thought for sure I was going to need to bring my nappers home for resting time.  I am glad we don’t skip naps everyday, they are TIRED this morning, but it was so fun to not miss any part of Track and Field Day: Survivor Island. Destiny’s last one actually since she is in Junior High next year.  WAAAHHH!!!!!

  Today is the last day of school, so we made the kiddos teachers a last day treat!!!!  IMG_2303

  Seems like there is always lots going on at the end of school, but I wanted to at least sit down and share the photos from yesterday: 

Ty was on the Black Knights team, Destiny’s class was the Golden Warriors.survivor 1

Let the Games BEGIN:

s 2

Daddy surprised us and showed up mid morning!s 3

We were also blessed to have Nana come watch along with our friend, Miss Toni……

s 4

  The students did Track & Field events all morning.  I loved when Destiny’s classmates ran the hurdle race along the sidelines for their friend, Luke.  He was BEAMING!  s 5

  Picnic lunch before we headed home for naps, or so I thought!

s 6

  Avery and Paxton started having so much fun at an empty Survivor Island station, I didn’t have the heart to make them quit. Plus, I really wanted to stay to watch the events!!! Win-win  s 7

Paxton was stealing the heart of every Highschool girl out there…….tee hee!s 9  Coach came up with some really creative events.  In the following photo you can see them fishing for marbles with their toes. They had to drop them in the bucket and run back to tag their teammate.  s 10s 8
  It was hysterical to watch the 1st graders try to remember to pass it “Over, Under, Squeeze and RUN” during the Sponge and Bucket relay race.  Ty had so much fun!s 11

And the day wouldn’t be complete without Water Tug O War….s 12s 13

  That’s it from here, have a great day! It’s officially SUMMER vacation!! Eeek!
See you tomorrow…



2 thoughts on “Survivor Island

  1. Hey there Tonya, thanks for sharing the fun pictures of the kids (and adults) enjoying Field Day! Bet everyone went to bed last night without a peep and know you’re looking forward to a fun summer. Enjoy the memory making ‘cos before you know it you’ll be hearing “Pomp and Circumstance” as you watch your babies walk that stage to a whole new level of life. Seems like yesterday I was the designated relay helper and now my redheaded baby is graduating in 10 days….pass the tissues!

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