Independence Day Pallet Flag

    Tomorrow is the 4th, that means BBQ’s and red, white and blue themed food, fireworks and family fun, celebrating our freedoms.  I am praying we STAY the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Sometimes I really wonder, you know?!

ANYHOW, on to lighter subjects! Food and then the Pallet flag.

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Independence Day Trifle

4th collage

  So, have you seen the red white and blue Twizzlers pull and peels? They have plain red too.  As soon as I saw it, I KNEW it would be soooo cute as a cupcake topper for your 4th of July BBQ!!!  But I was too lazy to make cupcakes just for this.  So here you go, use your imaginations! IMG_2437
Just open it up on the top only and fan it out like a little firework!!!!!!

  Speaking of fireworks, I am so glad all my kids are old enough to appreciate the fireworks now.  Well, at least I think so.  Guess we shall see! I have very distinct memories of THIS not so long ago 4th of July night……with not one, but two bawling babies on my lap.


The next year, Avery came out prepared…2012-4th-of-July.jpg

  Ok, ok, enough rambling, on to the crafty part of this post!

  We picked up a load of stuff {details to come later!!!} from Mernards, and bless their sweet hearts, they loaded the pallets, too.  I was SOOO excited!  Do you know how many cool things you can do with pallets?   Well, I am sure if you have ever heard of pinterest, then you do. 

Here is what I decided to do with mine:

4th of July Pallet Flag

4th of July Pallet Flag

  • 1 pallet, preferably with 7 boards {free}
  • 3 cans of spray paint: red, white and blue {from Lowe’s}
  • Wooden stars, I did 12 {from Hobby Lobby}
  • Nail gun or wood glue {talk to hubby}

  Chose a pallet with 7 boards so you can start and end with red, just like the real flag.  Lay pallet so the boards run horizontal.

  Shake spray paint well and carefully spray every other pallet board red, leaving the top half of the first 3 boards plain for the blue. Next, spray the opposite boards white. I went ahead and did the inner boards that ran vertical as well, every other color.

  Spray the 3 un-painted boards, blue, including the vertical inside pieces to make a nice square shape.  Be careful of overspray!

  Spray paint white stars, and let everything dry for 20-30 minutes.

  Attach 3 rows of 4 stars, or however many you selected to use.  I think wood glue would be fine, but since Dale has a new nail gun I got him for his birthday, we went that route.  Worked like a charm!


  I am going to leave our pallet out front for décor until the weekend is over.  I have a cool rickety old bike I want to park next to it.

  Then its going on my porch for the rest of the summer.  I like to decorate seasonally out there. 

  Can’t find pictures for all at the moment, but at Christmas I did the white 1917 church window you see below, with 4 wooden snowmen.  At Easter I did this:
spring decor

  This is what is out there now for the summer, but I can switch this look to fall or something with fall leaves and a big pumpkin sitting below.


Happy 4th of July a day early!  Now go paint that pallet!! Start to finish, this only took 10 minutes, not including dry time.  

Or, at very least, pin and share to facebook for me! 🙂 Gotta spread the Pallet LOOOVE………

Hugs, T



3 thoughts on “Independence Day Pallet Flag

  1. What an awesome pallet idea! Perfect front yard decor to display you are proud Americans! =) You definitely know how to think ‘outside’ the box! Love the church window too. I just bought Twizzlers yesterday, but haven’t seen the R,W & B ones – awesome little fireworks you make with them. I’ll be searching for some today. Enjoy a safe and wonderful celebration…and I’m with you in that wondering about ‘staying’ free??? God bless America…it’s time America blesses God!!!! =)

  2. I love pallet crafts! I have been trying to get hubby to get me some. I think he is looking but most of the ones they get for the jobs have to go back to the company.:( Bummer!!!! Or they are not really soild ones. So, Thanks for adding to my pallet art projects! I really like this one. I LOVE to have flags around!

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