Fun In The Florida Sun 3

After a brief break to hit some Fourth of July projects and Weekend Potluck, I am back this week to share the rest of our fun Florida trip! 🙂

Father’s Day Sunday was spent with 3 of the best Daddies I know!  Dale, Chad and my dad.  We played, grilled out and just had a great time together.   Chad was entertaining as usual.  The kids think he is hysterical.

road trip 44road trip 45

  Chad and Lauren had to head back for Monday work at the family store, and our trip is drawing to a close already. Have you had enough photos yet?!  They represent 10 really fun days!  I am so thankful to have this blog for us to go back and read whenever we want, like a travel journal.  The kids love when we get on here to do just that!

  Our final, and most unusual, part of this trip, was our Boat Adventure!  Last time we road the boat, we got sick.  This time we stuck to the Inner Coastal, and it was just fine!road trip 47road trip 48

  The first thing that happened as we picked up speed, was Ty losing his hat.  Never fear, Papa is a good Captain, and he had that boat whipped around before it could even sink. 

  We were on the boat for about 45 minutes before we got to our location.  It was so relaxing and nice!road trip 49road trip 50drea 7

  Check out this Sand Bar in the middle of the ocean, the water was warm, clear and amazing.  We dug for treasures and hung out and swam for a long time.  We found cool creatures and watched Pelicans diving in for fish. We even found a hermit crab, but of course my camera was already safely tucked away in the boat.

road trip 51road trip 52

We found little teeny tiny baby sand dollars!  So cute! We threw them back, they get SO stinky if you try to keep them. Plus, they are alive, I would feel awful to take them from their home and killing them.

 The sea weed under your feet felt like wads of hair between your toes,  it was disgusting!  The sand was grey, yellow and purple due to all the minerals in it. Neat, huh?road trip 53

  Time to head back, everyone was getting hungry again. They ate every lick of food we packed for lunch and still needed more!road trip 54

Sleep won over tummies, everyone but Avery dozed the 45 minutes back.road trip 55

I THINK this was the next day, but I have lost track at this point….

I never knew Florida had yummy Mexican food, maybe because I am always too busy eating their seafood, but they do!  We had a great time eating out for our final night in Florida.  Paxton was so charming and sweet to our server, “Miguel, I would like some triangles please.”  {quesadillas}
In the end Miguel gave us 2 free Sopapillas for dessert.  He said it was for “Customer Appreciation” but looking around, we were the only ones being “appreciated”.  Way to go Pax! 🙂 Always the charmer! road trip 56    Well, that concludes our photo memory walk of our Florida Trip 2014.  I hope you are awake and not sleeping through this like Aunt Hilda’s slide shows projected on the wall.

Time to hit the road again!drea 8IMG_8179

Thanks, Dad & Drea, Chad & Lauren, for making our time there so incredibly fun and special! We love you all and miss you already. Is it time for another trip yet? 🙂

The next 2 day will be filled with the Florida photo shoots, and Thursday a home makeover project, thanks to some bargains while we were there!!!




2 thoughts on “Fun In The Florida Sun 3

  1. What a fun fun time. Oh how I love being on the water…and that sand bar! How FUN was that! How wonderful you got to capture your lovely trip with so many gorgeous photos. Thank the good Lord for His goodness to us…and time with family to boot. Sweet!

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