Rainy Day Beach Maternity Shoot

  I told you it rained every day we were in Florida, just a shower here and there, but dog gone, if it didn’t rain EVER single time I was supposed to do a photo shoot!!!

  My sis in law, Lauren, had asked if I was willing to do a Maternity shoot while I was there.  She didn’t get a chance to do one with the twins, because they came so early!  They were due July 4th and came on Mother’s Day.

  Baby Dylan {pronounced Dillon} had a July 4th due date also, but as of 7/7 at 6 am, she has been in labor. Eeek! exciting!

Thankfully, despite the rain, we still got some great shots. Chad and Lauren were great sports to be out in the drizzle….

lauren 1lauren 2lauren 3

Can you see the rain in this pic? It’s coming down if you look closely!lauren 4

  We ALMOST didn’t go on to the beach, because of how hard it was pouring, praise God we did, because this is my FAVORITE part of the whole shoot!!!!lauren 5

  The rain stopped just in time, thanks Lord!lauren 6lauren 7lauren 8

   Such a beautiful Momma! Can’t wait to meet baby Dylan!

Hugs, T

Look who is here! Dylan Wade weighing in at 7.12 & 20.5 inches long
Dylan Wade


3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Beach Maternity Shoot

  1. What a beautiful job on the photo shoot Tonya! I’m sure your family will treasure them for years to come. The ones at the beach were so breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.
    God bless

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