Florida Family Photo Shoot

  I am a photographer, so its my passion to capture life, one click at a time.  

  I believe so strongly that we need them for memories that might otherwise be forgotten.  It’s a lot of work to get your family ready for a session, it takes time, money, and much effort, but the photos you get are priceless!   

  That is why, although fully believing for a miracle for my Dad, I was not going to miss the opportunity for a Family Photo shoot while we were there.  We believe for the best, while not neglecting to plan for the worst.    I have never had someone tell me, “Man, I wish we hadn’t done that shoot.”  But I have had people tell me how blessed they are to have photos of moments in time, or ages and stages not to be experienced again, with their children or family members.  

  So, in thinking about our families portrait, I had a sunset beach shoot in my head. It was going to be tricky, the light on the beach is bright and full until it sinks, but then its gone.  But, alas, the weather was not having it. In fact, we almost had to cancel the shoot altogether.    

We only had Saturday night left with Chad’s family there, so it was now or never.  Despite the radar on the weather channel showing we were about to get pummeled, we dressed quickly, spit-shined 6 kids and headed out.  Thankfully we had planned out our outfits in advance…. IMG_3299  Thankfully the nice, green golf course, was only a backyard away.  The lighting was all wrong from the grey storm clouds, and if I was back at home, I’d have cancelled this session in a second, but we had no other options. This is one of those times, where you make the most of it and just do it! 🙂family 1family 2family 3family 5family 6family 7 And lest they get TOO serious……Dad & Drea in their “real” form.family 8 Bahahah! I love how much fun they have together. Chad and Drea both wrote amazing things about dad on facebook when they shared the following photos….. From Drea:   This man is one of the strongest people I know!! Just since the beginning of February of THIS YEAR he has had knee surgery, lung cancer surgery with partial removal of his lung, and was half-way through 9 rounds of chemo and 33 rounds of radiation at the time this picture was taken!! Rarely does the smile ever leave his face, even having gone through all of this!family 10 Chad:   This is my dad. He has always been my hero since day one. He has done everything and anything you can imagine. He has very large shoes to fill! He is an extremely smart businessman, strong, knowledgeable, great dad and papa. Please continue to pray for healing on his body filled with nasty cancer. I want him to be around as long as possible! He still has lots of things to show and teach me. Love you, dad!37 copy34 copy    So proud of my Dad, and the way he approaches life, and all it throws his way.  He has taught me to face adversity head on, to work hard to achieve my goals, to not cower when people throw rocks at the glass house I am asked to live in.  He always reminds me to shine for Jesus, to dream big and shoot high.  Blessed to call this man my Daddy!!!! ~T 38 copy

4 thoughts on “Florida Family Photo Shoot

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Every single shot! You have captured some priceless moments here for sure and won’t ever be sorry you took the shots while you could. They are all so heart stirring…I smiled & cried through the whole mess of them. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous family with us. The inner beauty shines in all of you. God’s joy in you…precious!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so blessed to call you Friends. XO

  2. Thank you for sharing your priceless moments with us. You have a beautiful family, T. You had me smiling and crying at the same time (I do that in many of your posts).

    Praying that God heals your precious Daddy. Hugs from Kentucky.

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