Master Bedroom Makeover

  When we decorated our Master Suite, after we added on 7 years ago, it was with another home in mind, our “Dream Home”.  Over the years, as we have sold off our dream land, and put aside the floor plans we had.
It was a chapter closed, the bedroom was starting to bother me. I
t represented the ornate home we planned on living in, the one the Lord asked us to walk away from.

I told you more about that here: Home Sweet Home.


  Don’t get me wrong, the bedroom and bath, were beautiful.  Rich in color and style, but it just didn’t really fit with the rest of our country home.  bedroom before


So, I saved up some money and decided that when I found the perfect comforter, one that would allow me to keep the 3 mustard-gold walls, I would switch over sets.
(I would paint the one red wall, another color, from whatever comforter I could find.)

  I wanted a shabby chic vintage farm look, without breaking the bank.  And I knew finding that mustard gold might just be impossible.  My online searches were turning up nothing, not even at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  So I waited.

  While running errands in Florida with Drea, we stopped at TJ Maxx.  I never shop anywhere but clothes section when we are there, because we are usually flying home, or crammed in the Flex with no room to spare. THIS time was different, we had the motorhome to travel in, praise the Lord.  So I ventured over to bedding and couldn’t believe the first thing I saw:

  At the end of the aisle, on the clearance rack, was a Mustard comforter in a beautiful simple pattern.

  Upon closer inspection, I see it’s the last King sized on the shelf. 

And then, the moment the clouds parted and I heard the Halleljuah chorus….. 

It was marked down to $40 from it’s already reduced price of $200!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  Forty dollars for the whole king set?! YES PLEASE! I could tell right away it was the exact color of my 3 mustard gold walls at home. What are the odds?! Such a God thing!

  I knew I needed to bring another color into play, so the whole room wasn’t just mustard and white.  I went to décor and the bathroom section next, and found some gorgeous aqua accents.  I knew that would be my NEW color scheme!

  They even had a bathroom set to match it, with both colors!  PERFECTION!  I walked out of there with a King bed set, a canvas print, 2 candle sticks, 3 accent pillows, a wooden vintage shelf box, 8 towels/hand towels, 2 bath rugs and a shower curtain for $350.  I knew I could sell my set and décor for around $200, because it was in great shape. And I did! 

  That means for $150, I got to almost completely redo my room.  Now obviously, I needed to buy paint and find a few more décor pieces, but that is pretty darn good if I do say so myself!  🙂

  I worked SUPER hard when we got home Friday afternoon to unload, clean and do laundry and put everything in it’s place, so that Saturday morning, I could reward myself with a trip to the paint store.

  I found a GORGEOUS aqua that matched my accent pillows perfectly.  My favorite paint is Behr from Home Dept.

Can you believe ONE coat of Behr Aqua covered a deep red wall? Wow. That never happens, especially not to cover RED!


  I failed to tell you one other amazing detail, we stopped at our families furniture store in Ocala, Fl on the way out of town, to say bye to Uncle Chad. 

  While we were there, we fell in love with a huge black King bed set.  We have been waiting to buy a King bed set for 12 years now.  We had a dresser we had been using, but it really was for the boys room.  And, quite frankly, we were ready to get our bed off the rollers it was on, and have a real bed, with real nightstands, instead of tablecloth ones.

  If you are ever in the Ocala, Fl area, you really should swing by.  The Carriage Trade Consignment Furniture has a variety of new and gently used amazing furniture sets, bedroom sets and much much more. It’s a 30,000 square foot building chock FULL of furniture! You all that is HUGE! And soo fun to wander around in, treasures await around every corner!
And you can’t beat the price, a 5 piece King bed set like ours runs $5,000 easy.  At Carriage Trade, you pay so much less, about 30% of the original price.  And because they have both consignment and new, you can mix and match to your heart, and budgets, content.

  Check out the store on their facebook page, and give ‘em a “like”.
They have new photos of new items all the time, because the stock is constantly changing each day.

The Carriage Trade Consignment Furniture Store

Carriage Trade Facebook

  Tell Chad, that the 4 little Ferguson’s sent you, and I bet you get VIP treatment!  Wait, they do that for everyone. Hmm, ok, tell him we said hi at least! Smile

  Back to our home sweet home and makeover project. Are you ready to see the finished product?  IMG_0130
bedroom after

Before and after:

before and after

  I am SO happy with how it turned out, Dale loves it too, every time he walks in he says, this is just so relaxing and nice.

  The bathroom cabinets were given to us for FREE by my sweet aunt and uncle, and we have been meaning to paint them for 7 years.  When we put them in, we were just moving back into our home after 3 months of living at my moms, while they finished our master suite add on. 

  We had just had Tylan, in fact, we came home from the hospital to my mom’s house for those 3 months, because the house was not liveable.  All these years later, it was just one of those things that didn’t get done, you know?

  There are 3 rooms in the bathroom area of the master suite, the big walk in closet, the sink room, and the shower/toilet room. It’s hard to get pics with the orangey light, but I did my best.

BEFORE & AFTER Sink area:  From oak to black.

bathroom before

  We weren’t quite done when I took these pics, the center mirror is now black, and I have a towel rack up etc etc.
bathroom after

BEFORE & AFTER shower/toilet room:bathroom 2

bathroom after (2)

  Fun, right?  The colors are off in these pics, due to the orange light regular bulbs produce, but it’s the same gold and aqua and black as the bedroom. I like how one room just flows into the other now.

  Now that we are out of debt, we plan on starting on some of the other house projects that have been on hold.  It feels SO good to pay cash for these big projects, and know God blesses things done in the correct order.

Hugs, T


26 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Absolutely gorgeous!!! You all did a fantastic job and what a cozy and relaxing place to retreat to every night!! 🙂 Love it!

  2. Oh that is just beautiful!!! If I was you I would never want to get out of bed and just live in the bedroom. I am in the process of doing the same with my bedroom and I hope that I have as great of a result as you did.

  3. WOW! This is so timely to me right now. After my husband told me his truth in Feb. we began talking about selling our home (as the other woman lives in our subdivision – literally around the corner and it has become a huge amount of stress for me). We began to pray about moving…for 45 days we heard nothing from God. Then I began to feel Him tell me we needed to pay off our debts. So we are beginning the process. I have mixed feeling about it. I fully believe this is the proper order and pleases God. But at the same time I want out of that neighborhood….like, yesterday. I believe God will use this extra time in our home for His glory.

    • Getting out of debt is so important, the Bible says we are slave to our lenders! I didn’t know how much weight we carried with our debt, until it was totally gone!!! Obedience is always ALWAYS followed by bountiful blessings, yours will come. You are doing things right, and obeying even when you would rather not.
      I want to encourage you to use this time in your home, close to the “other woman”, to change your heart about her. I wonder if that is not why you need to stay a big longer. Every time you drive by her home, or find your mind thinking of her just down the road, I want you to pray for her. Lift her up in prayer. She needs it, and you need it. It will soften your heart, and allow ultimately, for healing to take place. Matthew 5:14 tells us to pray for our enemies, and I am pretty sure she feels like the worst kind of enemy, but I challenge you to try.
      There is a bigger picture at work here, I know the Lord has you waiting for a reason, and a season. Maybe the house of your dreams isn’t ready yet, maybe he is asking you to wait, to trust and to do things in a certain order. I am so glad you are listening to His voice. It’s so hard at times, to remember, that He is weaving a beautiful tapestry for His glory with our lives, because we literally can only see a MESS OF STRINGS!
      Blessings to you and yours, Anna! ~T

      • Thank you so much for your words, T. I sat here and cried as I read them because I know they are FULL of truth. I will be keeping your reply and looking back on it often, because I need to be reminded of that truth…daily. You are right about God wanting to change my heart about her. Recently, when I’ve selfishly prayed that “even though He wants our debts paid off (and I do agree, God, I really do), it’s just too hard for me to live in that house right now and I really need to move, God”, I’ve felt Him respond with “that won’t solve the problem.” And I know He’s right….darn it…because I want a quick fix to all this…but I know deep inside there’s no such thing. God’s ways are not our ways (a huge lesson I’m learning)…and His time is not our time (another one I’m learning). And yes – I do only see the mess of strings right now, but I’m praying daily to keep my eyes on the Artist and to stop looking at the strings. And as I drive home this afternoon I WILL pray for her. Thank you for writing…for sharing your story. It gives me hope. And maybe one day we will be able to share our story with someone and give them hope too. May God bless you for the lives you touch.

  4. WOWZERS!!! Stunningly beautiful! Oh how I love that aqua color too…soo excited about all your amazing blessings – being able to bring home those ‘bigger’ items because of your bigger transportation. God is certainly using you to show all of us how BIG HE is when we follow HIM in Obedience. LOVE IT ALL…but not nearly as much as I love all of YOU! =) XO

  5. Yikes! All that black looks positively medieval. I’m surprised someone who seems to have such a sunny personality chose such dark surroundings.
    I’m happy you’re happy though!

  6. Love it! We just bought a new, much needed bigger house (we are expecting our 5th child) and I’m so excited to decorate!! When we bought the house we are in now, I never really knew what I wanted. Then having 4 babies just made it not such a priority. I really have a vision for this new house and am glad we’ll be able to do everything we want before we move in. Pintrest has been my new best friend! 🙂

  7. Your heart is so full of God’s love and grace as I read through the comments, Tonya! I am adoring your new master suite!!! Good for you to use such wisdom in your purchases, because it’s clearly paid off. The black us stunning with the light wall colors you’ve chosen! It looks like a real retreat.

  8. Saw this just now for the first time (I’ve been gone so I’m catching up on your blog – hehe) and you did a FANTASTIC job with the update. Wow! Good for you on find those deals. I’m a sales shopper myself ;).

  9. Hi there! I came back to this post looking for some inspiration and the brand of paint you use! 😉 I just noticed that the colors you chose for your bedroom redo also match the colors of your blog!! It’s meant to be 🙂

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