Birthday Girls

Happy Monday!  Did you have a great weekend?!  Avery sure did.  She and I were the Birthday girls this weekend.  Avery was born on my birthday, 08-01-81 and hers is 08-01-08, cool right!?
My big girl is turning SIX!Avery is 6

    Aunt Gena always takes the kiddos on a special date to celebrate.  Each kid gets the royal treatment, sometime around their birthday.  First up was lunch, then they got their nails done, picked up some ice cream and headed back to Gena’s house for games and some cooking.  Bless their hearts, they made us a nice hot supper to enjoy!!!!  Home cooking tastes so good and I can’t wait to start cooking again once the kitchen is done!

PicMonkey Collagebirthday 2

  Avery got to be Queen of the day, so it was totally fitting that her first gift was a Queen outfit. She insisted on wearing it ALL DAY LONG!  birthday 1

  We headed to Grandma’s restaurant for Family Friday.  Birthday girl picked PB&J, which we never let her get up there, and Momma got this amazing Sancho Supreme. I love that they know my love of sour cream and serve me accordingly! 🙂
Birthday 2

After lunch I took the girls into my FAVORITE boutique.  I know what you are thinking, boutiques usually mean HIGH DOLLAR, but not this one.  Well, they have their $90 tops, but if you wait patiently, everything left goes on sale, or to the clearance racks, and 75% off eventually. Like these shoes.  I have been eye-balling them since last summer, but at $100 a pair?! NO WAY can I spend that!   birthday 3 Just for my birthday, ok fine, just because of their summer clearance sale, I was able to get all 3 pairs for $60.  $20 for a pair of darling designer sandals? Yes please!  Happy Birthday to MEEEE!
  So, do you remember my kitchen is totally torn up?  Here is what our house looks like right now:kitchen

Ahhh! It makes me totally stir CRAZY!  I don’t like chaos and mess. But I know it will allll be worth it in the end.  Dale is doing such a great job and working so hard on the evenings and weekends to get it done in a short amount of time.

  We have been eating BLT’s and corn, cucumber salad, cold meat and cheese trays, and family and friends have been oh-so sweet to bring us hot food once in a while!  That means these birthday girls needed to dine out for the second meal of the day.  Oh rats.
This time Avery picked Pizza Ranch with her Nana and Grandpa and Grandma.  So fun!birthday 4
birthday girls
We headed back to my momma’s to drop the kids off for a SLEEP OVER!  But first, presents….
birthday 5birthday 6

Avery has been carrying this baby, whom she named Layla, around everywhere since Christmas. It was only fitting that her gifts were very much “baby” themed.  Matching outfits, a car seat for her bike etc.
birthday 7

  Since Nana had the kids for the night anyhow, Dale took me to Wichita for a fun and FUNction date.  We had to return some kitchen cabinets to a town 45 minutes away, so we made it a date night, and saw a movie too.  I ADORE seeing movies on the big screen!   Especially with this handsome hunk to snuggle with.birthday 8
  When we got home, I followed a sparkly balloon and some mysterious notes to my freezer, where a new kind of Gelato awaited!  My friends totally know the way to my heart, ice cream!  Well, now it’s GELATO all the way! ESPECIALLY Salted Caramel. I knew it would be good as soon as my spoon went in, and caramel spurted out.  Woot woot!  (Thanks to Kalene for my fun surprise!!!!!)
gelato  It was a great ending to a really fantastic birthday. 

Maybe turning 33 isn’t so bad after all!


12 thoughts on “Birthday Girls

  1. Happy Birthday to the both of you!! Looks like you both had a fun and special day. I have never had gelato before I just might have to give it a try 🙂 Have a beautiful day!!

  2. What a precious post. I just love Avery’s zebra mani/pedi. Happy Birthday!!! to both of you 🙂

    p.s. Your hair is adorable pinned back!

  3. LOVE it all – couldn’t help but smile REAL BIG as I viewed all those beautiful photos. Sounds like there was a REAL BIG birthday celebration for two special birthday girls. Y’all sure don’t miss a beat in making memories! Awesome. Avery’s zebra print nails are the coolest! Belated birthday hugs and smooches to both of you!! XOXO

  4. I like to remind everyone of what they have in common with Christ when they are in their 33rd year of life. That was the age Christ was when He was crucified. Something for you to reflect on during this year of your life. Blessings always, as you bless us all with your blog postings. Sent with Christian love.

    • I don’t mind at all! I use a Canon 60D. My favorite part is the red ring lens I saved up for all last year. It made the biggest difference in the way my photos came straight out of camera!
      Are you a photographer? If you are a mom-tographer that just wants a nice camera for kids and home, I highly recommend starting with a Canon T3i or one from that line. It has great video capabilities too, making its price tag a little more bang for your buck.

      • I am just a mom-tographer! I’ve been comparing between the canon t3i and the Nikon d3300 series. Not sure what route to take!!!

      • I am pretty biased, haha, but I did have some Nikon friends switch over after shooting with a Canon friend and seeing how much easier it was to change settings. I also like that Canon has across the board lenses, any Canon lens fits any Canon body! 🙂

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