Summer Kiddos Photo Shoots

  My photo biz is in full swing, and over the years, I have actually had to start booking a slot for my own kiddos, or it just wasn’t happening!  Kinda like the builders wife never gets her home building projects done? 🙂

Here is Destiny’s 11 year old shoot for her July birthday, Avery’s 6 year old shoot for her August birthday, and Paxton’s up and coming 4 year old shoot.

Destiny1Destiny2Destiny3Destiny4Destiny5Destiny6Destiny7Destiny8Destiny 9

ava 1ava 2avery 1avery 4avery 3

And this little guy? Well you all have watched him grow up on this blog….Can you believe he is turning 4 in about a week?Paxton 8 x 10 crop & cloneIMG_4890 vintage

Pax1pax2pax3Paxton (3)pax4pax5pax6pax7

  You are probably wondering where Tylan’s photos are.  Well, he is a February baby, so watch for his this winter!  Here is his 7 year old Session from this past winter.  I try to do their sessions close to their actual birthday, so summer just wouldn’t work for him.


4 thoughts on “Summer Kiddos Photo Shoots

  1. They are all quite the ‘posers’….guess they’ve learned well from mama over the years huh? ;-} I wanna SOB that our little Pax is turning 4 already – ugh! They grow so quickly. I always see that maturity in his sweet little face too. What awesome photos you’ll have to cherish as they grow older and look back over the years. VERY nice!

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