4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Senior Guys

  It’s Picture week at 4 little Fergusons! {or TWO weeks, since I haven’t shared in forever}  This is where I dump my memory cards of photos to share my latest sessions with you……

Meet our Senior Men:

Mr. Cook
Senior Collage 3Senior collage 4Senior collage 5Senior Collage 7Senior collage 9Senior shoot 1

Mr. Mason

1IMG_7653 copy vIMG_7678 copyIMG_7701 copyIMG_7716 copyIMG_7718 bw copyMason txtMas txt 3txt 2 blueIMG_7821 copyIMG_7857 copyIn Memory Of txt

Mr. Austin

IMG_4450 copyIMG_4489 sunshine copyIMG_4503 bw patina copyIMG_4492 copyIMG_4526 bw copyIMG_4666 copy txt IMG_4593 bw copy txt 3IMG_4690 copyIMG_4749 copyIMG_4762 copyIMG_4826 copyIMG_4952 copyIMG_4963 copyIMG_5008 newsprint CROP 2 copy

4 thoughts on “4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Senior Guys

  1. Oh Tonya I just love these!! 🙂 I am doing a senior session for my friend’s son this coming week and there are a lot of great inspiration here for that shoot! 🙂 It will be my last session for awhile. I started homeschooling my children last year (will have three in school) and be teaching preschool to my youngest while expecting #5 in December!! I stopped blogging for the time being and have decided to put my photography business on hold (this is my 5th year in business…when I started I only had two children). I’ll revisit it again once my baby is a bit older but for now I had to step back. (I’ll never stop being a photographer though) I love looking at your work. You have a real eye for photography and I love your creativity. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

    • Thanks, Faith! Guys are tough to pose, aren’t they? 🙂 I am going to have to slow down next year, too. I was blessed to book up fast and early this year, but I just can’t keep up and be the mommy and wife I long to be as well. And I refuse to keep staying up until 2 am to get things done. Still finding Balance a year later, sigh, I am a work in progress!
      You are wise to see the need for mommy to be home and focused inward for a season. So excited for your number 5! Oh how I long for a few more!!!!!

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