Happy Birthday, Paxton! This Is Your Life

  I am pausing Photo Week today to share This Is Your Life….

  Paxton is the only Ferguson child whose entire life is captured on this blog.  He grew up on here before your and my eyes, so today let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of those cute moments and funny firsts.  You can click on the titles to go to those posts if you’d like. We sure had fun reading through all of them!

  This weekend was his 4th birthday!  He was so proud to be a BIG BOY.  We threw a little “P Party”……

  Now, this was not a darling, themed, letter P party, with pinterest worthy decor. Ha! No time for that!  But it was a fun celebration none the less. 🙂  I will share that tomorrow.

  Now a walk down memory lane!   

The Story of Paxton

  Paxton’s healthy birth was truly a miracle and gift from God….Our Father in Heaven even nudged people we didn’t know, to cover our pregnancy is prayer, and only He knows the extent of His covering on Paxton in the womb as He fed and gave Him oxygen when my body could not.

paxtons birth

A Big Day in Paxton Land


First Food


First Avocado


First Snow


Paxton’s Latest


Paxton’s Pool


6 Month Photo Shoot


Paxton and The Trampoline


Some Paxton Firsts



First Date


The Many Faces and Places of Paxton


First Haircut


A Tank Party for My Tank


Paxton’s 18 month Photo Shoot


2nd “First Snow”


Oh Pax! No no!


Paxton’s Monkey Party


Paxton is 2!


Corn On the What!?


Paxton’s Born Again Birthday

Paxton is 3!


Paxton is 4!


Scrolling through these photos makes me tear up! He has changed so much these past few years.  Good bye baby face, hello big boy.

Love you to the moon and back, Paxton Clay!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Paxton! This Is Your Life

  1. Tonya, Not until I started scrolling through Paxton’s pictures did I realize I have been reading your blog just shortly after he was born! 😉 What a cutie tank he was! 🙂 Our youngest shocked me by coming out at 10lbs too!!! I really felt that the birthing tub and my midwifes/doulas helped so much to have my little hulk (lol) naturally at home in much less time than his older siblings! 🙂
    What an amazing, precious birth story of God’s grace!!! My sister had some similar complications with her first and third so I can relate to the fear and anxiety and also trying to keep our faith on God, all from a big sister perspective 🙂
    I am sure God has BIG plans for Pax’s life…. May He continue to protect him, molding him into a godly man, leading him with His mighty hand, allowing Paxton to be a great light and testimony to His Name!!!
    Happy Birthday Paxton! Never give up your smile and funny faces!!!

  2. Mama T – you outdid yourself with this gorgeous presentation of your special little guy. I smiled and cried through the whole thing. I fell in love with this precious guy before I ever got to touch him, and what quick buddies we became. He’s a very special little ‘P-man’ and is growing up much too quickly. Thanks for this beautiful reminder of how very special his birth was…and what a special life. Thank you Jesus!

  3. He is SO BIG! And his 3 year old photo shoot was so cute with all the blue.
    We had a P Party (actually at Regena’s house) for Women’s Ministry last summer. Everything started with a P. Parfaits, popcorn, etc. Our pastor made the joke that the P Party actually was not a big trip that women take to the bathroom 🙂 Can’t wait to read about yours!

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