4 little Ferguson’s Wedding

    You never know what the weather will do where we live, and this particular fall day, it was SNOWING! 

  This outdoor wedding just got a whole lot more interesting. 

  The bridal party and bride and groom were total troopers, tramping around in the mud.0002 (1) copy0020 (1) copy0008 copy0015 copy0016 copy0041 (1) copy0088 1 copy0124 (1) blue sky copy0044 copy0072 copy0185 (1) copy


  The groom’s family, and his friends, are AVID hunters. In fact, the brides gift to the groom was a handgun, so we were sure to get some gun shots for them, as requested.  Pretty neat! And don’t worry, we were very careful! 🙂



0189 copy0194 (1) copy0202 (1) copy

  After much prayer, and last minute location decisions, the Sun came out just in time for ceremony. Sonshine, anyone?  Praise the Lord!
Good thing too, because not only did the brides parents build a GORGEOUS outdoor sanctuary, but she had a big entry planned for her groom!

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0303 copy0306 copy0315 copy0321 copy
0474 copy
The wedding was amazing, and their first kiss was shared on the altar!  True love, God’s way.
0475 (1) copy0479 copy
  Due to the bad weather, we had to miss all of the couples part of the shoot, so Kalene and I drove back another day to wrap this session up. It was actually really nice to shoot without the pressure of the wedding ceremony start time looming.  706 1 vintage copy715 v copy716 copy724 copy733 copy714 copy738 vintage copy765 copy772 copy773 copy786 copy794 copy815 bw copy820 vintage copy

9 thoughts on “4 little Ferguson’s Wedding

  1. How interesting and unique! What a creative and sweet ceremony. You did a super job capturing the day. Love it all.

  2. This has to be the coolest wedding I have seen!!! I love the bride on the horse and the guns in the pictures!! How fun to be a part of their special day 🙂

  3. Some of these photos are quite lovely. But I think to make light of guns is wrong and inappropriate. What a way to sully a wedding.

  4. Love your blog… But where is the cooking, home decorating, and idea’s you use to post. This seems like your just promoting your new business. 😦 still love your blog.

    • Good question! Things have been so busy with us starting school, AND I have been without a kitchen since July, so no recipes! I just decided to share recent photo sessions for a bit. Seemed like a good time to go on “auto pilot”….
      You will be happy to know that tomorrow is a grill recipe and next week posts as usual! 🙂

      • Good luck on your new kitchen. I’m sure it will be beautiful. Thanks for the reply. Your photographs are beautiful. 🙂

  5. Awww sweet Tonya and Kaylene…….thank you so much for making our Taylor and Tyler’s day one they will remember forever!!!!!!! You were so into “our details” and we are so thankful. Lots of times photographers are not so giving in what “they” want to take in pictures of! You gave us complete freedom….the day had to be so spontanous with snow, sleet…..rain and HIS SONshine! Blessings to your company!!!! Love your both! The Stubbs Family!

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