4&Blue: Your Life, Stylized.

  I am so excited to be going into business with my dear friend, Kalene from Blue Muse Photography. We have been shooting together the past few years, helping each other out with big shoots and weddings, but now it is official…we are going into business together.

  We both will still keep our client base and do regular shoots alone, but anything stylized, wedding or engagement related from here on out, is shot together. Everything is more fun with a friend!

  We are now taking Weddings for 2015, but slots are limited!  We would love to help you plan your dream wedding and get all the detailed shots your heart desires on your big day.

  This is Emily, she and her mom had a neat idea, do a shoot in Mom’s wedding gown……

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Meet Malcom and Amy, they decided to do a Trash The Dress Anniversary shoot.  Her motto?

Remember the moment, forget the rules.

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This is Jeff and Natalie, their romance spanned across the US, as they communicated long distance through their relationship.  They will be getting married this year in Cali.

We loved that they were so open to our ideas for this shoot!
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I adore hearing from you, comment away! :)

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