In The Miracle Business…

I got a call Tuesday that my dad was being taken to ER, because he passed out on the sidewalk, and lay there for an unknown amount of time.  He literally could not move, or see.  No one heard him call for help, so he rolled over and began the process of crawling inside, resting often, until he reached the phone.  From what we gather, this process took over an hour.  He called Drea, “Passed out, get home” is all he could manage.

  In case you missed my facebook updates, my dad has had the year of years.  First he had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee. While there doing x-rays, a tech “accidentally” did a full body scan, rather than waist down and found a spot of cancer in his lung.

  They took the top lobe of the lung in a majorly painful surgery that landed him in ICU, followed by the announcement that they found cancer in the lymph nodes and now he also needed chemo and radiation treatments.

  He handled it like a champ, never complaining, just tired from his treatments.  When he finished his last treatment, we celebrated a hurdle overcome.  Then this…..

  When they took dad to ER, they found he was full of blood clots, in his legs, his lungs, and a huge one spanning between both lungs called a Saddle Pulminary Embolism.  Words began to be spoken like, “IF he makes it through the weekend…”  I guess this kind of embolism is particularly deadly, and could cause him to stroke out, or have so much brain damage that he would be alive only from machines.  They immediately put him in ICU for monitoring.

  After crying about it all day, it was decided that Dale and I would fly out at 4 am the next morning. Our Heavenly Father is so gracious, because against all odds and a holiday weekend, my mom had 5 days off of work and could come live with the kids.

  I found myself on an airplane, watching the sun rise, asking my Heavenly Father to spare my Earthly father. I was going to Florida, and I was praying it wasn’t to say goodbye.

ICU trip 1

We headed straight to ICU…it did my heart so much good to see that smile!

icu trip 1 a

  We spent several hours talking, sharing memories, and laughing.  We had to shut the door a few times, because we were getting looks from the nurses.  They loved dad, he made them smile and laugh. They fought over who got to take care of him each day.

  He actually seemed too good to be in ICU, just a little winded and pale, but there was literally a dangerous bomb lurking inside of him, threatening to release.  It was the strangest thing I have ever experienced.  I left the hospital that night, encouraged, but praying for a miracle.

  We all took turns going back and forth from ICU.  What a blessing to see him getting stronger, better color and able to talk without stopping for a break.

    Because I am a foodie, I have to stop here to tell you that across the street from the hospital is a little restaurant that we ate at as much as possible.  It’s called Blu’ Island Bistro, and it serves the unique kind of food, foodie dreams are made of.  I will do a better review sometime when I have better photos than Dale’s cell phone.  I love supporting mom and pop shops, and I love good quality food, this was both.  If you are ever in Venice, check them out!

icu trip 1 b

The bonus of this unexpected trip, was I got to meet my new nephew, Dylan for the first time!

icu trip 3

To quote Dori from the movie, Finding Nemo, “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.”  Eeek! So sweet!

icu trip 2

One afternoon, we stayed home with the boys, so that Chad and Lauren could go be with dad.  We had a blast playing out on the golf course with them.  icu trip 4icu trip 5

Bunny Wabbit?

icu trip 6

icu trip 7icu trip 9icu trip 10

At this point, we were taking turns going up to ICU several times a day.  The team of doctors dad was working with, were talking at least Tuesday before they’d move him to a regular room.

I guess they don’t know how big our God is, because not only did they move him to a regular room on Friday, they let him come home as of Saturday afternoon.

This is the second time this year, that dad defied medical odds, and came out as one of 5% of survivors.

The verse we have been praying over dad is this,

Psalm 118:17

icu trip 11

 {He} shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

How great are you Lord, thank you for still being in the miracle business!

My dad told us about a dream he had and I can’t help but think its fitting I share this with you….

  His mother died of cancer when he was 18.  One night, as he was struggling, she appeared to him in a dream, at the foot of his bed, and told him everything was going to be ok.  It was a pivotal moment in his life, and it helped the grief of a young man missing his mother terribly.

2 days before dad passed out on the sidewalk last week, he had another dream including her:
   She was young and happy, waving at him from behind a fence between 2 buildings.  At the time he was glad to see her joyous in Heaven, but the significance of this dream really sunk in as he overcame all medical odds and arrived home this weekend.

Did she know her little boy was close to Heavens gates this weekend?  Was the dream of her waving signifying the “not yet” part of the Lord allowing him to stay here, at his earthly home with us?  We will never know on this side of Heaven, but I am sure glad we were given the gift of time.


icu trip 12




12 thoughts on “In The Miracle Business…

  1. I cried when i ready your story about your dad. So happy he came through and all of ya we’re so strong and with him at his side and the first one at his side was the Lord. We always need to keep him in our lives. Thanks for sharing and i wish your Dad only the best.

  2. Praising Jesus with you for being able to witness another GOD story being written with your lives. TO CHRIST ALONE BE GLORY FOREVER AND EVER!!! XO

  3. Thank you for sharing. It gives others , like me, hope and I am so very happy that your father’s story turned out like it did. You are an inspiration, you and your husband – I work with parents in your age group that are going through some of the same battles you have. Now I can recommend your blog to them. Your parents are also very blessed to have you.

  4. Yesterday the sermon in church, for some reason, brought back so many of the memories of the last few months I had with my dad. That was two years ago. The sermon was on how we all have doubts about our faith. I was wondering if my dad had had any doubts as he went through that hard few months and then finally knew he was going “home”. I miss my dad. I am happy you get to spend more time with your dad. God is good!

  5. As you know, I’m a regular ’round here 😉 but I particularly love these times when you share a testimonial of how living your lives thru Jesus clearly shows His handiwork. Blessings to you all, wonderful result for your beloved Papa xxx

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