Wrapping Up Summer

  Summer 2014 has been a wild one!  We laughed, we cried, we lived, we learned, we got sun burnt, we ate yummy garden food and survived it all, kitchen-less.

  School started August 25th for us, so for the final days of summer we planned a few last super fun hurrahs!  We did swim lessons from 1-2 at a local pool with our Aunt Kasey.  I didn’t take my camera, but my kids FINALLY overcame their fear of swimming, praise God!  We stayed until after 3:30 each day to allow them to play and use their new-found skills.  No photos, I don’t like to take my camera to watery places, but even little Paxton went off the diving board and swam to the side with no help. Pretty amazing considering they all hated putting their heads under last year.

  We planned a trip to a nearby town for a free car show.  I grew up going to car shows with my Daddy, and when Dale and I were dating, we always went!
We loaded up 6 jugs of water and a wagon, and had some fun in the HOT summer sun.
car show 1car show 2car show 3car show 4car show 5

Cooling off by the river
car show 6car show 7car show 8car show 9car show 10

  I had been promising the kids all summer, we’d go get a snow cone in town one night after supper, and wouldn’t you know, it just didn’t happen.  Hallelujah for second chances at Snow Cone Redemption! And bonus, these were by far the best kind of Snow Cones we had ever tried. No fakey syrup, amazing flavors and super finely shaved ice with, no crunchy crystals. I had Doc of the Bay and it tasted like my favorite gummy, Peach O’s.

car show 11

  By this time, it was BLISTERING hot, and we were ready to get in the car with AC and head home.
car show 12

  In the parking lot, Dale sees the people from Street Rodding American Style drive by in their golf cart. He calls out to Ty as they go past, “Hey, Ty! Those are the people from the street rod show we like to watch on PBS.”   Ty glances over with a, COOL! and we keep walking to our car.

  Get this, they come circling around, drive up to us, pop out and say, “ARE YOU TY?! We hear you are a fan of the show!” car show 13 He about fell over! So awesome!
It says a lot about a tv show host, when they overhear a daddy-son conversation, and go out of their way to come surprise said fan, by name!

car show 14

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!




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