Kitchen Redo: PROGRESS

  We have been without a kitchen since early July, it has been interesting to say the least!!!!  Sweet Dale has been working hard every night after work to get the new kitchen completed. 

  Don’t you just love the green paint we unearthed? It went so well with the lovely golden linoleum!  😉house
  We have some really great helpers!

No kitchen means we moved everything into the living room and entry
Oh how chaos wears on me.  My eyes can’t find one tidy place to rest!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I am so glad to be naturally tidy, but it sure makes home construction extra interesting!!!! haha 🙂

  Cooking in the living room has it’s challenges….

   I MAY or MAY NOT have burned a spot in the living room carpet. Oops. Good thing new carpet is on the to do list!!!!


  Thank the Lord it’s grill season, because we have been grilling, using the electric skillet, crockpot and the previously pictured toaster oven, and have been getting along just fine.

  I started out with lots of freezer foods, and it was making us all SICK! I can tell we aren’t used to a diet of taquitos, pizza rolls and mini tacos, that is for sure.  Bleh.  I have gotten better at thinking of things that are homemade, but easy.  

  Plus, we have amazing friends and family that have brought supper over several times!!!  {THANK YOU! LOVE YOU!}

  As I write this to you, we have only eaten out for supper THREE times during all these weeks, saving that special treat for our summer birthdays, and weekend pizza pick ups!  {pats self on back}

  Now that we are on month 3, I am not nearly as motivated to keep that up. Just sayin.

Here is what the redo looks like so far:


Oh sheetrock dust, how I loathe thee. We are making good progress though!  Most of the cabinets are in, just waited 3+ weeks for them to redo 3 of them.  Now we are waiting for counter tops to come in, and one remaining cupboard piece.


Here is where I do dishes, out in the laundry room:IMG_5644
  There is no electricity in the kitchen for Dale’s safety, and that breaker also controls the laundry room light, so it’s great for during the day dishes.

  But at night? It’s DARK!

  Like I said, we are currently finishing up a 5 week stand still.   In addition to cupboard issues, we had to have them all in to spread out the counter top template, which we have sent back twice for refiguring. This has to be 100% correct, or the counters will not fit, no refunds.   After that, the mason comes for backsplash, and the electrician and plumber come to get us ready for under cabinet lights, island lights and gas stove. Dale will install everything and then we are done.  Eeek that makes me SO excited!

   Realistically, it may be mid October until we have a working kitchen again.  {Sigh}

  I am so thankful to have a new and working kitchen coming after all these years, (13!) that I just keep making myself praise the Lord for this amazing opportunity.  I can’t wait to show you the finished product! 

{AND start cooking recipes to share with you again.} 

  That being said, there is about to be a lull the end of this month, where I don’t have anything left to share with you, but just bear with me…I’ll be back.  Smile

Hugs, T



7 thoughts on “Kitchen Redo: PROGRESS

  1. Oh Sweet girl!!!! I feel your pain!!!!! I know the feeling of having to wash dishes in the bathroom. But, you one uped me on the bathroom sink. Yours is MUCH bigger then mine was. But, you will look back on these days and laugh and be thankful for the time you spent like this. (It is so much easier to do this in the summer. Doing it in the winter time is the pits!!!!) I spent about a month without countertops too. Once they put them in I was so used to having them off it took me a while to remember what drawers things were in!!:) hehe!!!
    I really can’t wait to see how you (Dale!;)) finish up the kitchen! Thanks for keeping us updated. There IS light at the end of the tunnel! I can tell you from experience! (2 times might I add!)
    Sending my love and {{hugs}} and if I could I would be bringing you meals too!

  2. Wow!! It will be so great when it’s all done! We are redoing our new house before we move in and I am so thankful we can do it before moving in! We had to completely gut the kitchen which they will hopefully start putting back together next week. Of course everything takes longer than you think it will and it looks like mid October until we can move in. I’m praying that it will be done just a little earlier because that would be about the worst time for us to move! My husband will be gone for a week to California for work and then when he gets back it will be his busiest time. I really don’t want to move with my 4 little ones (plus I’ll be 8 months pregnant) with not much help!

  3. I am glad you are getting a new kitchen. It sounds as though you are managing well under difficult circumstances. You mention 13 years. I know you are young and that seems as though it is a long time. Our kitchen was last remodeled in 1955, nearly 60 years ago. A new range and basic refrigerator were bought about 20 years ago. The refrigerator replaced an old one. Previous owners took the range with them when we bought the house. Counters are Formica, white with gold veins. They have held up surprisingly well for all these years.

    We cannot remodel the kitchen until the bathroom upstairs, above the kitchen. is updated and no longer leaks. Yep, we are living with a 60 yo kitchen, no dishwasher. Sigh.

    I hope things go smoothly for you and even more quickly than you think. Take care, enjoy the process. I think you will have no problem enjoying your new kitchen when it is completed! Are you planning what the first meal will be? What will be the first thing you bake?

    And think how nice it will be for holiday cooking, baking, and having family and friends over!

    • You know, it’s a shame that fridges and ranges and things we buy now, have a lifespan of about 5-7 years. Ridiculous! My Great Grandmothers fridge we had in the garage, just recently went out, I can’t even guess how old it was, but guessing 70’s from the avocado green it was! 🙂
      Ooo, thinking about cooking the first meal in our kitchen makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, all these scrumptious things flash through my mind. The way we have been having cooler weather, maybe some comfort food like Mom’s Beef Stroganoff and steamed whole green beans. Mmmm!
      Thanks for the encouragement!

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