Tom Sawyer

  Destiny has been singing and writing songs since she was in first grade, but she really never wanted to sing for anyone beyond the walls of our home.  Ever since Destiny sang at her Papa’s funeral, she seemed to overcome her fear of the stage.  In fact, she asked us if she could try out for our local Family Theatre production, Tom Sawyer, the musical over the summer.

  Despite the warnings that first timers don’t get parts typically, she tried out with the song Amazing Grace, acapella.  And made it.  In fact, the directors mouth dropped open as she tried out. She turned to me and said, are you SURE she has never tried out for a production before?  Proud mom moment. 🙂
So Destiny became Eliza Jane, over the summer, part of the kids ensemble, and school scenes.  No speaking parts, but a part none the less.  We were proud of her bravery more than anything.

  They practiced 4 times a week for 7 weeks, and the show ran Thursday-Sunday.  She got home late and exhausted, but beaming, every night.  I was so glad we were on summer break, I think she would’ve been so tired for school each day!

  We have been praying over our kids since birth that God would show us their God-given gifts and abilities, so we could nurture those and help them to grow.  It was so amazing to see this just click with her, and align so well with her interests.

  It was a darling production!!! Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed it.  The kids were scared of and enamored with Injun Joe.  In fact, you could see the audience shrink back in their seats when he’d slink down the aisles.  Amazing acting skills at that show!

  We are excited to do more with The Family Community Theatre.  

Here is short video clip of the play a cast family member posted:

Destiny is right side, front row, next to the lady in the floral dress in the video.

Ready for the show to start!!! 

This theater is small, but adorably decorated with all your favorite movie stars and fiction 1
play 2
play 3play 4play 5
play 6
play 7
play 9play 10

The whole family went on Thursday night, so Sunday, Nana came over and just Dale and I went.  We grabbed flowers for our little actress, and a CHOCOLATE bar for her, as a surprise.   play 11play 13play 12

  Great job, everyone! It was an incredible production and so well done!


   So when I planned this post over the summer, I had no idea that I would be sharing something else about Destiny so soon.

Over the past week and weekend, she participated in the Kids Got Talent Contest during our State Fair.  Can’t wait to tell you more about it, tomorrow!




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