Short & Sassy

  I had no idea when I prepared yesterday’s blog post last week, that my hairdresser would be able to work me in so quickly!  I almost cancelled in panic, but Dale said “GO, do it already!  I think it will be hot.”


  This from a husband who loved long hair 10 years ago, the longer the better.  I asked him about it, and he said over the years he has really seen how pretty it can be short.  Well good, cause apparently, it’s about to go bye-bye!

  And so, I did it! 

  Well actually, my amazing hair dresser and friend, Kelli did it….but you knew what I meant.  She works at New Creation Salon, and you should totally go see her!  🙂

  I was glad that it worked out for my Bestest Friend, Kasey, to be there for moral support……she was doing her color while I was getting my cut.  Girl time! woo hoo!

  We all 3 pow wow’d around the collages and seemed to agree on one.  Which, Kelli pointed out, showed up 4 times in the 2 collages, with slight modifications.  Guess that means I really liked that one! haha 😉

  I want to note here, that my family/friends with strong bangs opinions, said they hated the straight across bangs.
 No one seems to mind the angled ones, they are just fine! 🙂


Here are some photos sweet Destiny Joy took for me, when I got home from the salon! Check out the new do:


EEEK! I love it.  I only hee hee hoo’d, lamaze style, once during the whole cut, and didn’t shut my eyes more than 3 times.  Kasey said I was amazingly calm considering what was taking place, haha!  

  When it came time to decide how short we went up top, I gave Kelli free rein to go as short as necessary. She was so sweet and cautious, but at that point I was just like, DO IT!
Once those spikes starting showing up on top, where the bump usually is, the whole thing came together!

  Here is the best part:
It took me 7 minutes to do my hair from start to finish on Sunday morning.  And I know it will only get faster as I figure out how to style it.  What a nice break from the 45 minutes it normally is.  I couldn’t ask for a better “do” for a life that now includes 8 a.m. homeschooling!  Also, on day 2 and 3, I just spritz it with water to wake up the gel, and smooth any natural curl that tried to come back in the front long pieces.  3 minutes!!!! 

  Now my only question is, WHY didn’t I do this easy cut 4 kids ago?????


Thanks for all the great comments and opinions on Monday!  You guys are awesome and I absolutely love hearing from you all!!!!

Hugs, T

24 thoughts on “Short & Sassy

  1. So funny that you blogged about this. I have been struggling with what to do with my hair for quite a few years now. I too have toyed with the idea of super short like what you just did. Although, you are such a beauty/cutie I think you could pull anything off wonderfully. You may just have given me the nerve to try something very similar.
    I really enjoy you throwing a blog like this in the mix of all the other family things happening in your life. I’m sure lots of ladies, just like me can relate.
    Have fun with the new doo. It looks fabulous.

  2. It looks terrific!! But it used to take you 45 min to do your hair?? Wow. I may be a throw it in a bun kinda girl. I just trimmed my hair last night too 🙂

    • Ugh. YES. It is soo stinkin thick and coarse and difficult. If I didn’t try it bone dry, it would frizz up and kink and wave all day. That is why I loved dry shampoo, hats and scarves, so I could go 4 days between wash days. 😉

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