Can’t Beat A Good Surprise

  You just can’t beat a good surprise. Or a good ol’ Miracle for that matter!

Remember when Dale and I flew out in a rush, to go see my Daddy in ICU? What, a month ago?

icu trip 1 a

  I was so scared I was going to have to say goodbye.  Instead, I got to witness a miracle, and see him walk in the door of his home, all grins.

icu trip 12

  They had to wait several months after he finished chemo and radiation, to do the follow up PET scan that tells us all we need to know about the Lung Cancer, and those awful blood clots that almost cost him his life.

  3 weeks after his ICU stay, with a massive saddle pulminary emoblism, the PET scan came back clear. 

CLEAR, people!!!!  

  Not only was there no remaining embolism, which should take months and months to slowly dissolve with medication, but there was also NO SIGN OF CANCER! 

  What?! WOW!  Thank you Jesus!!!!

  Our God is still in the miracle business, and time and time again, my Dad has walked away from incredible odds of survival.  The Lord knows the numbers of his days, and I am so thankful we get more time together.

  Speaking of time together, guess who hit the road as soon as he got the good news?  The doctor told him to get outta of his office, and go travel and have some fun, so that is precisely what he did.

  That means my Daddy is here for the next 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo!

  I thought he was coming Monday, but he surprised us all, and came Saturday.  The kids had no idea, we kept it a total secret.  They were out gathering eggs when Dad called me. I asked how far he had made it, thinking maybe at the state border, but he said,

“I am right outside your driveway…..”

I squealed and said, “Wait! Give me two minutes to get my camera and head out. Kids are out back, I will send them up, so you can see them, see you.”

  The photos tell the story better than I could, but I will try:

Why do you have your camera, mom?
Oh, I have a shoot.

“Why are the dogs barking out front?” 
Ty shouts, “It’s a MOTORHOME!”

Then it hits them all, it’s not just any motorhome, it’s PAPA’s!!!!!!!!!

{Cue dance party in the front yard}

They couldn’t stand it another minute, and raced down the drive, after looking to me for permission.


They haven’t seen him since June, so this was one joyous reunion!!!!!!!!!4

You probably are noticing a really important person is missing from these photos.

Nope, not Princess Harley.

Grammy Drea!

  She is in Germany visiting her mother and sisters, and will fly in for the last part of the trip.  We are so excited to get to see her too!
After another week or so, they will hit the road for some motorcycle riding in the mountains! Such a great way to celebrate life giving news!!!!

  Hey, thanks for being excited for us, and thanks for praying for my Dad. Prayer is so very powerful!  I love to think about how many of us were lifting my dad up, here on this blog together….just like Christian brothers and sisters are called to do.  Thank you.

Hugs, T





9 thoughts on “Can’t Beat A Good Surprise

  1. Once again you’ve given me tears of joy. So happy for all of you. He always answers, but this time it was just the way we all wanted. Praising Him in the joy and the grief for He is always greatly to be praised. Thanks for sharing your joy.

  2. AWWWW – so very sweet. I’m wiping tears! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to help multiply your joy. No doubt, you will soak in every precious moment you get to share…so happy Drea gets to join you too. Hallelujah!!!

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