See Ya Around!

  Just a quick note, because I don’t like to leave ya hanging….I am out of posts!  Boo. I hate when that happens.

  Our missing cupboard and countertops arrived, so that is exciting news! Then, the sad news, one of the counters was 3/4 of an inch off.  

  Not just any counter, the SINK counter, so it can’t be fudged.  

  Unfortunately, it’s the same 3/4 inch short that Dale called to ask to have added on per the template, to no avail.  Oh well, whats one more week, right?  Once the kitchen is done, I will share photos, AND I will be able to start cooking yummy fall things, yay!!!! 

  I also am working on a post abouta new Stitch Fix post or 2, maybe a hair scarf tying post, per your request, except I don’t have any hair left. Haha.

  Oh, I also want to share about the Homeschool Curriculum we selected, and are absolutely LOVING! All when I come back in a month or so.


  Pray for me, I have 44 photo sessions to fit in, PLUS a waiting list, before the end of our shooting season, which is over around the first of November, due to coooold weather.  And, will need to wash every single dish I own before moving it into my kitchen, thanks to sheet rock dust.  AND, need to edit all of the above photos before December so they can order Christmas cards in time.

 All while teaching homeschool and staying well rested, so teacher isn’t CRANKY!  😉19 copy
After all that passes, I will only have a few snowy Senior shoots over the winter.

   It will be wonderful to use evenings to curl up and read a book in front of the fire in my favorite chair!  I love photography and I love editing, don’t get me wrong, just not every day and every night! 🙂

  Thanks for being wonderful! See you soon….Weekend Potluck continues as usual, until further notice.

See you in November!

Hugs, T



13 thoughts on “See Ya Around!

  1. I will miss your blog greatly, and the tiny role I play in it….but I’m so blessed that I live close enough to still be involved in your life…face to face. Love ❤ you and your dear sweet family. Blessings and prayers in the very busy month ahead. May God give you good rest and His amazing peace and wisdom and strength. You can to all things through Him!! ~Mom

  2. Good for you for taking a break. Although I will miss you and your sharings, I am happy you are putting other more important things/people first. Continued blessings and prayers for you and the family. I just know you will be bursting at the seams with new sharings when you come back, and I for one will be looking forward to them. With Christian love, Kathy

    • Aww, you are the sweetest! I will miss you all too! I just won’t miss staying up until the wee hours of the morning trying to write a post, photograph things for said post, which takes about 2 hours…….all while editing 40 hours a week. I need more daylight! LOL! 🙂 I hope to have a kitchen to show you when I come back……

      • Can’t wait to see the kitchen! If you had to be without for such a while, good thing it was over the summer when salads and cookouts are the go-to 🙂

  3. You will be missed but, it came at a good time for you to take a break right now. The LORD knew that you needed some time off and planned it out ever so well for you.( because we all know that you will blog for us thru rain or shine, sleet or hail…..well, I guess that is the mailman.;))
    Go enjoy your family and use your energy to get people those beautiful pictures that I know you do( and am a bit sad that I don’t live closer to you;( )
    Nov. won’t be that far off anyways( I am counting down the days…. my birthday is the 4th and our Anniversary is the 6th, it is kinda a bummer tho, it comes right in the middle of hunting season.:( But, my freezer will be full, so I am Thankful for a husband that LOVES to hunt!) The way the months have been flying by, you will be back here in no time.
    Sending a{{hug}} and love

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