Fall Fest

  Hi everyone! It’s good to be back! How you have been?!?!?! 

  I have 27 more photo shoots before the end of the month, then done for the Season.  Weeeelllllllll, 2 Snow Seniors, a maternity and 2 weddings, but then quiet until Spring! 

  I will do my best to keep the posts coming.  But if not, just know I probably stayed up until 2 am editing and couldn’t manage to keep my eyes open another minute. Haha! 🙂

  So Friday was Fall Fest, we went to see Grandma and Uncle Mike at the restaurant, which is a fun treat now that we are homeschooling.  All 6 of us can go every week! After nap, we go see Great Grandma, Uncle Dan and Aunt Gena, then head to church for the night.  Nana wanted us at her church this year, so we checked it out.

  I have a confession, I couldn’t take my camera along. I just couldn’t.  My hand is like stuck in camera shape, and I despise it at the moment.  BUT, before we left, I took some photos so I could show you the kiddos costumes this year.

  We don’t spend much on Fall Fest costumes, just clearance stuff, or things from our own closets.  However, I LOVE when we can do a theme of sorts.   One time we did a 50’s Family theme, it was so simple because I already had a skirt from college, Destiny’s 50’s outfit fit Avery, and the boys had the right clothes in their closets already!

Look at my tiny baby!!!  Well, not so tiny, but that is what happens when they are 10 pounds at birth.  Sweet baby Pax!

The year after that we did Cowboys, Indians and a Horse, of course.


Then Egyptian theme for the 3 big kids….Pax was sick, so he stayed home with Daddy.

This year we didn’t have a full theme to do, however, I made sure each kid had a “buddy” to match them. 

  Dale and I did an 80’s theme. I am SO SO bummed I don’t have any photos of us in costume.  Use your imagination!

  Dale was a great sport and wore his entire get up to the restaurant for lunch.  He sure turned a lot of heads! Hahahah! 🙂  He wore a mighty mouse t-shirt, shooooort blue running shorts with the white stripe along the bottom and sides, white knee socks with stripes around the top, big white high tops, and white sweat and wrist bands.  Basically he reminded me of my dad when he’d go play basketball when I was a kid.
To match him, I did the 80’s flash dance look, with legit pink stir-up tights from my Mom’s Jane Fonda Workout outfit she kept in my dress up box, my pink leg warmers from my youth, a short sparkly jean skirt, and a big off the shoulder sweatshirt.  I wore a pink sweatband and made my bangs big to top it off.

  So, I would’ve taken a photo before church, but Dale ended up getting chills and not feeling super great, poor baby, so we left him home with chicken noodle soup and detox tea.

  Like I said, no photos of our activities at Fall Fest, because I am on camera boycott, but here are the kids:

Collage 1nerds

  That’s it for today.  It’s great to be back! Lots of posts and giveaways planned for you all the next few months….Stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “Fall Fest

  1. I’m glad you’re back, Tonya! Sounds like your photo business is booming, but you are very gifted! You’re definitely creative with your family’s costumes! I love them all!! They got me laughing, especially your hubby’s belt buckle and the little Miss Muffet and spider. Your zest for life is just awesome!

  2. Precious from beginning to end. Sure wish we could see a photo of you and Dale, but you described your outfits so well, and I’m pretty visual, so I got a good giggle from that part too. You’re always so creative. And Girl…you gotta do what you gotta do. Relax that hand and just enjoy the days without having to blog. You are missed, but always close in our hearts. ❤

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