Shopping With Stitch Fix

 Stitch Fix is TOTALLY my guilty pleasure. I am ADDICTED and madly in love with this convenient, shop from home, totally trendy, awesome clothing company!

What IS Stitch Fix?

From the site:

Online Women’s Personal Styling

Our professional stylists will pick out items they think you’ll love —sometimes a little out of your comfort zone, but that’s part of the fun.

The house to which we send five hand-picked items.

Try It on at Home

Try it on in the privacy of your own home, with your own wardrobe.

We send you styling tips to ensure your hand-picked clothing is perfect!

Styling Tips

Each item comes with styling tips on how to dress it up or down.

Simply drop your returns in a USPS mailbox.

Free & Easy Returns

Drop off returns in our prepaid envelope at any USPS mailbox.

The more information you share with our professional stylists, the better they can style you!

Better Over Time

The more feedback you give your stylist, the better they are at finding clothes you’ll love.

How Much Does It Cost?

$20 Styling Fee

The styling fee is $20, which you can use towards your final order.

Get 25% Off

If you keep all five items, we’ll give you 25% off your entire order.

Priced Just for You

We’ll send you items within your price range, but items are $55 on average.

 So as you know, I am a mom of 4. I have to clothe a lot of us every season. Cha ching, cha ching, hear that? That is some expensive pieces of cloth we are buying these days.  Like $11 for matching cotton play clothes, per PIECE. Pants and Top.  What?  On sale now for the bargain price of $8 each, when three years ago, it was $8 full price, on sale for $4. 

Ridiculous, but that is for a whole nother blog post rant, a whole nother day! Winking smile

   I am not the mom that skips buying herself new clothes, I like clothes and fashion too much.  However, I AM the mom that only buys for herself from the dirt cheap clearance racks of local boutiques and stores.  Or, I wait for JCPenny’s to send me a $10 off of $10 coupon, and go get me a new shirt!  If it’s not on the clearance rack, it’s not in my cart or closest. 

  Check out these shoes I got for myself for my birthday. I have had my eye on them since LAST summer, but they were $100 a piece! OUCH.  No way can I do that.  So I waited them out, and guess what, they got marked down to $20 a piece. NO KIDDING! Bargain shopping pays off…..


  That is why, once in a while, I can splurge on a Fix.  Yes, the outfits are higher end, and more than I usually spend.  BUT, they are totally gorgeous, and waaaaaay better quality than anything I can find local.  

  Plus, I absolutely LOVE the surprise of it all.  You see, your stylist picks clothes FOR you!  No more digging through racks, hauling them into the tiny box like dressing room with bad lighting, and ending up with a similar shirt to the other 4 you bought the last month.  Good bye fashion rut, hello fabulous!

  I blogged my first 3 Stitch Fix’s here

  For those of you that missed it, you are welcome to head back and check it out.  I got some really great items!  Ugh, I STILL wish I had kept that Grey Blazer with navy and white striped liner, oh how I loved it.  Boo. WHAT was I thinking?!  

Alright, moving on.  {sniff sniff}

Let me explain again how this all works:

You go to the Stitch Fix Website, and fill out a style guide. It’s like a fun interview all about your style and taste.  They even have photo examples so you know what they are referring to!


  It arrives in your mailbox with all the other boring things, like bills, and you can squeal because the second you get in the house, you are going to want to open that box as bad as our kids on Christmas Eve!

  Everything arrived in a neatly packed, oh so lovely box, with tissue paper and a personal note from my stylist.  They often will stop at your Pinterest board to research your fashion likes. WOW!   Go see mine here: Fashionista Wanna Be In A Stay-At-Home-Mom-World

  Don’t have a Pinterest Board?

  No worries, your style guide is very detailed, the stylist will take good care of you!

  Speaking of stylist, did you know every Stitch Fix comes with a style guide so you can get ideas how to wear your 5 new pieces? Cool! 

stitch fix 1

   Here are 2 of the 3 Fixes I have received since I last blogged it:

Stitch Fix #1

  I totally loved this little fit and flare daisy dress, but little being the operative word, I passed on it.  I don’t want the girls wearing short dresses, so alas, I have started wearing longer ones as well.  At least closer to knee-length!

  I passed on the jean jacket and earrings, because I already have too many things like it.

sf 1

  This next outfit, is by far my favorite of all time from Stitch Fix.  It’s cute coral skinny jeans with a fun embroidered, striped, tank top.
sf 2
It just so happens to go perfectly with my new bargain sandals, and this necklace from my talented friend, Melissa of Ava Claire’s Closet!  She makes the most incredible jewelry!

  I love it so much I wore it to an awesome Christian concert girls night out, with my BFF, Kasey. Have you ever heard Matthew West? Oh my, he puts on quite the show, and is so very sincere in his faith and appreciation of you, the fans.  So great!
It was at the State Fair, and this time of year is cooler where we live, so I did the same outfit as above, but with boots, and a head wrap. Then later, a denim blazer.  I love how versatile this outfit is, perfect for transitioning seasons.

  Oh, and look who we ran into.   Mom and Destiny had a concert date too.  So fun!sf 4

Alright, enough about my favorite outfit, on to Fix #2.

It’s going to be super hard to top the last one.

Stitch Fix #2

I was right.  Totally bummed at this Fix.  Didn’t keep a darn thing!!!!!

I wanted these orange skinny jeans really bad, they fit great everywhere else, but they were crotchy.  

  Yes, that is a word.  If you are a short torso’d girl, you TOTALLY know what I mean.

  You just can’t hide that big saggy piece of fabric up front, that puckers and puffs obnoxiously. Bummer, because I loved it with that top from my closet. {far left}

  Next up, middle pic above, was a darling fit and flair dress in lime green and navy. I even had earrings to go with it. (pictured on the right side of this collage)  But alas, I could not justify $78 for this particular dress.

3rd item is the silver necklace, above.  Nothing wrong with it, just not big or loud enough for my taste.
    sf 2
4th piece was a darling silk coral top, I adore coral!  However, the neckline hit me wrong, itched, and made me feel like I was choking, in general.   I HATE stuff on my neck that is too tight!  

  To the right is the 5th and final piece, a cute, but semi boring turquoise top.  It was a bit big in the arm pits, and baggy enough in the tummy, that it looked like I was pregnant.
Now, I wouldn’t mind two more little Ferguson’s around here, but come on, that ain’t happening, so I sure don’t need maternity-esque clothing in my closet!

Tune in tomorrow for the 3rd Fix, and more info about getting your own fabulous box of fun, with Stitch Fix!!!!




2 thoughts on “Shopping With Stitch Fix

  1. Such a fun post! I am excited to see the outfits too. Love the detail on the striped tank! One question from one bargain shopper to another: do you really find your size waiting out for the sales and bargains? I find my size, especially shoe, is GONE! Happy shopping!

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