Sickie Soup and Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup

  You don’t feel good, but you still have to fix supper for your family. What do you do?  Crawl out to the kitchen, yes totally done that before, and you make Sickie Soup!  {Aka Chicken and Rice soup}

  Don’t grab that can of Campbells, this soup is soothing enough for your upset tummy, but hearty and tasty enough, that the healthy people in your life will enjoy it too!  Full of lots of good fresh garlic, which is great for your immune system!

Thank the Lord we are all healthy at this house, and I hope at your house too, but I wanted to for sure re-post for easy finding this year!

  Follow the link to grab the recipe from the original post:

Sickie Soup


Next up, Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup. I give this recipe out SO much on facebook, and in the Mommy groups I am part of.  It works like a charm, every time.  I kicked Strep with it last winter, when I ran out of herbal remedies to fix my owie throat.  I was struggling to swallow my own saliva and this kicked it in 2 days!!!!

  This syrup is great for boosting immunity, quieting a cough, and numbing a sore throat.

Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup

sweet & spicy magic syrup for coughs & sore throats

Get well soon!
Hugs, T

(Great, now that we hugged, I have to go wash your germs off……)     😉


4 thoughts on “Sickie Soup and Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup

  1. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I made some of the Sweet and Spicy Magic Syrup for Leah this morning and I have her taking it. She is not overly happy with the spice but I told her that is will take away the sore throat and she is being a trooper and taking it. How often should I give it to her? I have been every few hrs. Is that to much?

    • Yes, that would be great for her immune and numbing the pain! Lavender is also great for sore throat pain when rubbed on lymph nodes. And as always, oregano on the feet to kill the bug and on guard for immune system strength. She could also do warm water in a shot glass (small glass) and add 2 drops each of Lemon and on guard. Gargle as long as possible and then swallow. Repeat every hour or two until pain subsides. Continue then 2 or 3 times a day for at least two days.

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