Jammin’ with Jamberry

  My girls are always begging for me to let them paint their nails. I don’t mind usually, but it drives me crazy how the nail color lasts 2 seconds before it all falls off.  Well, not all. That would be too convenient.  All but little nasty bits of color falls off, and they are left with sloppy looking nails.

  I am not big into painted nails, but when my friend, Kim asked me to do a review on these stickery things called Jamberry, she had me intrigued.  I am super bad at cutting things in a tidy way, I blame my mother, who did not let me have scissors.

Could I handle sticky nails?  Ha!  Here goes nothing.

Look how cute these are!  There were TONS of choices!  IMG_7016

So, first we watched a couple of you tube videos that Kim sent, seemed easy enough.  You will need the following:

IMG_6855 IMG_6856

Clean the nails well and push back cuticles. I had to use a popsicle stick.  Wipe with alcohol and rough up a bit with a file for soft kiddo nails.

Select the nail that best fits the nail without going over. We don’t want any of it touching the skin, or it won’t seal up right.  The cutting part is easy, you don’t trim anything. Phew.  Just cut it in half for length. I can’t believe how many we had left over on our sheet, there are tons of nails per set!

Next up, using the dryer to activate the sticky part,  not touching the sticky at all, only the tweezers.IMG_6859
Carefully place on the nail and smooth.  Easy peasy.  IMG_6862

Press firmly.  Hold nail at base, and tug and pull excess nail sticker to seal at the tip and create a smooth surface.

I heated again with dryer, as I pressed to seal.  Let cool, then file off the excess in downward motions only. See, it easily breaks off at the nail line…..
Avery was so hoping I’d let her keep the excess nail sticker on, so she could have long finger nails. IMG_6864

Then, the end result:

Eeek! CUTE!  And really, so so so much easier than I thought it would be!
(Paxton wanted in the photo, too)IMG_6949

Woo hoo! My girls are happy, and their fingers are so pretty!

  Now, for MOMMY to learn to do her own….but that my friends, is for another day.  🙂

  So listen up, you need to head to post 2 for today, and check out the great giveaway Kim is doing.  I am excited to see who wins these awesome nails!!!! Er, stickers.  Er, Jams?  We better go check in with Kim to find out.  

 We have such great guest posters, and giveaways this quarter, I love it! Please show them some love. They are so generous to do this for us!!!  Go on over one post, and say hi to my friend, Kim, and go get entered to WIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNN………

By the way, I used to babysit for Kim back in the old days.  I would ride my bike across our little tiny hometown, and go play with her for awhile, while mom was gone.  I can’t decide if being her friend now, makes me feel old, or young.  Hee hee! 🙂

Hugs, T


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