Letting Go

  It’s been a hard year for Dale, losing his father in March took the rug out from under him.  He smiles, but sometimes, there is sadness behind it.  He works hard, but at times, he lacks his usual spunk and energy.  I know time heals, so we just give him his moments of grief as they come.  We all need those, and use them freely.  It breaks my heart when one of my kids comes up to me in tears.

What in the world is wrong? I ask, expecting a story about how a sibling took their toy….

But a choked out, hiccupped,

“I MISS PAPAAAAA…..” comes out instead.

  Death is hard.  Our hearts still ache when we walk around next door, missing him terribly. My heart still skips a beat when I look out the back window and see his white truck, catching myself before I call out, “Papa is here for dinner!”

  Hospice invited us for their yearly Balloon Launch. We had been to one the year before for our beloved Great Grandpa.  We knew it would be emotional, but we meet those emotions head on, deal with them, heal another inch and move forward.

Here are some photos from that day:


Grandma, Nana and Aunt Gena where there too, in honor of Great Grandpa.  I loved Grandma’s sweet note to her love, “Blessing to you my dear. Love, your wife”456

We launched after a song and a prayer…7

Then the tears came.  There is something so emotional about watching those balloons float up, up, up and away. Until they are nothing but colorful specks like confetti in the sky.89

  Papa Don’s birthday was November 21st.  He would’ve been 61.  Lots of life left to live, fish to be caught, turkeys to be hunted. 

Dale and Don

Thank goodness we have hope in Jesus, and a really great future of ETERNITY in paradise with our loved ones…

Papa Don

 Hugs, T



9 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Thanks for a good cry!;) Has it been 8 months already?!? Wow! It is hard to believe.
    What a special way to remember them by. You are all still in my prayers. Every time I think of you during the day I send up a prayer for you and your family!
    Sending love and {{hugs}}

  2. I’m wiping the tears away as I finish reading your heartfelt post. What a sweet memorial. Tears are cleansing…and that hole in our heart is always there. Grief is tough, but praise God for the Hope we have in Him. Sweet Blessings on all of you. XO

  3. Such a beautiful post! The tears are flowing; thanks for capturing these special moments, moments that take us one step closer to healing. Watching the balloons launch was a wonderful reminder that I can live in joyful expectation of seeing all those who have gone on ahead to Heaven. The Joy of the Lord is our strength, in Him we have Hope.

  4. Awe. This brought tears to my eyes too! May Jesus continue to heal your hearts and grace you and especially your husband with strength for each moment that the pain and lose hits him. ❤

  5. I think this time of year is so hard as it brings so many memories to the surface and they just feel raw. I recently wrote about this too and missing my Grandma. I empathize with you and so many dealing with grief for the holidays. It’s so good to celebrate their lives through pictures, stories and togetherness.
    Prayers and blessings to you all for a wonderful Thanksgiving. xoxo

  6. Thank you for posting this! We are facing our first Thanksgiving without our Nana Grape. She too passed at teh Hospice House where my Mom is a Hospice Nurse. In fact it was my Mom (wh was working that night) and myself with Nana Grape when she took her last breath. The pain is always there but the days get easier as you fi8nd a “new norm” I totally agree about the Balloons rising… we were there that day as well (I noticed several of our family in the backgound of your pics) and the emotion those silly little ballons brought was overwhelming. Thanks again for sharing. We will be thinking of you guys through the Holidays for sure!

  7. I wish I could say that I can’t imagine what Dale is going through, but now I really get it. Dad was a huge outdoorsman too – buried in camo. Perhaps they’ll exchange hunting stories in heaven? Heading to my brother’s wedding right now without Dad. Grace for today, bright HOPE for tomorrow. It’s so sweet to walk with Him, especially in the valley.

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