Christmas Favorites

  Hi there, come on in!  The house and porch are all decorated for Christmas…..IMG_6850IMG_6851IMG_6849

IMG_6889 IMG_6882

  The fire is lit and warming our home night and day.  We are wrapping up our school work for a nice break, and baby, it’s cold outside.

  The kids are anticipating their Christmas Eve slumber party in front of the tree, and Jesus’ Birthday on Christmas Day.  IMG_6910IMG_6879

  I think every Season has favorite parts for me, but this time of year, my heart is just full of love, and joy, peace and serenity, and excitement.  IMG_6881
I love snuggling down in our warm, cozy home and enjoying the people that live in it.

  Since we are all getting in the Christmas Spirit, I wanted to share a couple of songs with you…..IMG_6914

These songs are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

This one was played at our churches 2013 Season of Light performance, and you have to imagine it being sung by 3 Mary’s on stage.

~Mary with newborn baby Jesus, swaddled in her arms
One time he even began to softly cry as she sang to him, it was the most hauntingly beautiful moment! You could hear the crowd gasp and began to cry, too.

Mary and baby Jesus

~Mary with Jesus as a 12-year-old, arms around each other, she is so thankful she found him in the synagogue, after he went missing

~Mary in black mourning clothes sitting below the cross, her son, our Savior…draped across her lap.

  May we never forget what a Miraculous Season we are in, as we anticipate the birth of our Savior.
  One who was born to die….

  Wow.  Let that sink in for a moment. 

  Roll it around in your mind as you are tempted to focus more on the wrapping paper and party list, then the swaddling cloth and the reason we celebrate the Season.

It was all for you, and me. 

Thank you, Father.



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6 thoughts on “Christmas Favorites

  1. What a cute and cozy house! Looks so inviting!:)Thanks for sharing it. Gives me a few ideas.;) Thanks also for the songs. WOW! “Be Born in me” really is an amazing song!
    We are working very hard to teach out kids the REAL meaning of Christmas. I don’t want them to think that it is all about the gifts and them!
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh how beautiful! Your decorations are just gorgeous…I felt right at home as I walked through your house (knowing where the doorways are even!=) to look at the beautiful CHRISTmas decor. ;-} And I had to wipe tears at the end, seeing the photos from the drama. We are so very blessed aren’t we? To think of our Savior being born to die…for US! What a gloriously blessed time of year. Sending hugs and warmest wishes to my 6 favorite Fergusons. Thanks for sharing your home with us. XOXOXOXOXOXO

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