The Everlasting Kitchen Project

As you all know, we were without a kitchen from July to end of October, and didn’t have a fully working one until this past month. Yikes…..  I can tell you it was all worth it, but just barely.  Haha, not really, but it IS pretty hard to forget how difficult the whole process was as well.  😉  Especially when my tidy house looked like this for 3 long months:


We literally had 9 weeks of delays and 7 of those, were at a COMPLETE AND UTTER STANDSTILL!
I was cooking on the floor of the living room in a toaster oven, or making salads, or having Dale grill. We had no electricity or running water in the kitchen, which meant numerous trips back and forth from the laundry room.


It was interesting to say the least!  I told you more about it in this post.

Through it all, even through our grumbles, we smiled and said, thank you Lord for blessing us with a new kitchen!  You can’t even imagine how in awe we all were, the day we had a sink in the kitchen again. With real running water coming out of it.  And lights? Oh how I missed flipping on a switch.  We really have it so good and don’t even know it!

In the end, it turned out so beautifully, just like we imagined.  And the Lord even threw in a few bonuses, like a couple refunds for our trouble, a bonus $800 island light for $150.  Or a fancy Bosch oven for half off…WITH convection options! 😉


Here are some photos of the before and afters.




Last Christmas BEFORE new floors and wall removal. That post is here.
We found original 1928 wood floors under the carpet!
Last Christmas AFTER new floors and wall removal:1479408_10153639136900230_594170653_n
This Christmas after Kitchen Remodel:IMG_7878
Eeek! Thank you Jesus! It’s a dream come true.

 And, after cooking in a broken, crooked door 1970’s oven for 12 years, I had finally decided I just wasn’t a very good baker.  Burnt bottom breads, with gooey undercooked centers, seemed to be my fate. UNTIL NOW!  oven
  I just made a perfect batch of Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread, that looked like they came out of a Taste of Home Magazine, AND they fell right out of their pan in perfect form, no knife holes and chunks missing! Guess ovens do matter?

We can’t forget this amazing moment….. Dale wanted to try the convection oven feature, so he announced that he and the littles would be making cookies for us!  {swoon}
  I have always dreamed of having bricks in my kitchen, and I am beyond excited at how warm and cozy it makes the kitchen look.
  I would’ve never picked a grey slate toned counter top, but with its warm golden flecks, it looks like it was made to go with this brick.
  (Which is from a totally different company, and we looked at a photo and just guessed and prayed it would match!!!!!!!)
  The mason couldn’t remember which one we wanted, and order this set instead.  I think God knew just what we needed, because his whoops turned out WAY better than we could’ve imagined!

We aren’t done yet, its getting there, but I had to show you some pics of the progress!  IMG_7864

  I am excited to be pulling out some of the old things Papa left to us from his treasure hunting days, as well as some old favorites from Farm Auctions this summer.
  I want to get out the decorations for the tops of the cupboards, but we aren’t done painting yet, so for now I just switched around some of the decor on the buffet to make new spots.
 Because now, I have an island shelf I get to use for function and fun!

We are also still waiting for the electrician to come do under cabinet lighting, and get the electric starter on the gas stove working, as well as my disposal, which I miss terribly! 🙂

Hugs, T

before and afterbefore and after 2


9 thoughts on “The Everlasting Kitchen Project

  1. Wow. God has used you in my life so much. I’m honored & grateful. I found you through your ‘Surviving Infedelity’ series 4 months ago after my husband confessed to having had a sexting relationship with another woman. We have spent these past months praying, crying, and healing, and your blog has brought me hope & comfort on many difficult days.
    And today, God used you in my life again, amusingly through your remodeled kitchen! Because my marriage is in the “during remodel” phase now. But, oh how glorious it will be when we come out of the other side! Thank you Tonya.

    • You are so right! Messy, exhausting, remodeling, and when you come out on the other side, you can look back and say it was worth it. And you can enjoy the BEAUTIFUL finished product and give Glory to God.
      In fact, 3 years later, I can ration WHY it all had to happen. I can see why we had to fall to pieces, because the new, improved, broken and put together, stronger us, makes our old “perfect” marriage pale in comparison. What doesn’t break you, DOES make you stronger, and trials by fire, always brings beauty from ashes….and there is even a verse in there about the oil of Joy. JOY is coming! Bless you on your journey…so glad you found us. It’s our hearts desire to shine light on broken marriages, to be that lighthouse in the storm. It’s exactly why the Lord prompted us to share! It’s so clear now!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Does the brick have a story? I remember you wanted to use old barn wood to create a floor at one point but it didn’t work out, so I am curious! It looks gorgeous!

    • You know what they did with that barn they were going to sell us at $8 a plank? BURNED IT DOWN. I was so FLIPPING upset, it makes me sick. It was the most stunning wood with flecks of red on it. Big, wide, weathered, perfect wood! ACK.
      The bricks don’t have a story, except praise God after months of closed doors, we finally found someone who would do it on our kitchen walls! haha 🙂

  3. I love the new kitchen! Your house is so warm and cozy! I love how you decorate. I love how you combine new and old things together. I really like that look but can just not seem to get it together for our house. May be some day.:)

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