Our Kindergarten Curriculum

  Welcome back! We are covering the oh-so scary leap into homeschool curriculum!  I wasn’t sure how to handle this years Kindergarten curriculum. 

  Last year, Avery and I did Brain Games workbooks, and a Phonics program together, instead of sending her off to preschool for a second year.  She was reading some books, and knew all her sight words in no time.
We both enjoyed our time together, and the Lord used it to give me courage to homeschool the rest of our children this year.

  The first thing I noticed about My Father’s World Kindergarten program, was it started waaay back at the beginning.  Like this is A, it says ah.  Because of this, I decided to use it as a first year preschool program for 4 year old Paxton, and a review for Avery.
In addition, I have added in the Phonics Video series we loved last year.


The My Father’s World program itself is wonderful! Hands on, and rich in God’s word.
If it works out, I would like to continue to school the younger two together for their individual subjects, not covered in the family teaching time I covered yesterday.  This may not work long-term, but we can address that as we go.  Next year is learning God’s story. I hope that works well with the big kids’ study, Creation to The Greeks. Time will tell!
I think one of the hardest things about our particular family, is except the little two, the school gaps are quite large between them.  We have a 6th grader, 2nd, Kindergartener and Preschooler this year.

  We start the day in a group, prayer, devotions, Bible verse, badges, then while the big kids get started on their first subject, the littles do 100 chart and Calendar time with Momma.  calendar timemorning calender

 I added the colorful calendar and posters to our room from quil.com.  Really neat posters for not a lot of cash!
We got Bible verse ones, Books of the Bible, God’s Promises, the Armor of God, Fruits of the Spirit, shapes, multiplication tables and more.  I will switch them out as we cover those topics in Bible, or just for fun.

  The only one I wished I skipped buying from Quil, was the World Map, since MFW sent us a HUGE one for our wall as part of our curriculum package.  Remember this one?
    Dale made a frame for it from Papa Don’s fence next door.  We love the reminder of him in our classroom.

  The Kindergarten Teachers Guide is similar to the big kids, in the way it lists what I need for the week, when to use student sheets, when to teach new songs.  It writes everything out, per day, so you know just what to say and do. And you sure don’t have to do all of it!
We pick and choose based on the activities I know we are doing with the big kids that week.  Kindergarten
And the big kids love to learn the songs with us, too!  We also learn the Bible Verses that the big kids are working on, instead of just doing the badges of the curriculum.  This week we are learning Matthew 6:19-21 about not storing up treasures on Earth, but in Heaven.

  Check out the badges we do weekly, and review daily.    Each picture represents a Biblical concept and phrase….
  Here is how it goes so far, we will have many more by the end of the school year…..

Pointing to sun, children say:  Jesus is the light of the World.
I point to Moon, they say: I am the light of the World.
Pointing to Leaf badge: I will live and grow in Jesus.
Apple badge: In Jesus, I will have much fruit.
Nest badge: God takes good care of me.
{Bunny trail alert} Here is our themed snack during “Nest week”, I love how it all goes so well together! We also had some science egg-speriments we did, too.  IMG_6952
Turtle Badge: I won’t quit, I’ll persevere.
Person: God made us wonderful.
Dino: Big and small, God made them all.
Octopus: Even the Octopus praises the Lord.
Water: Jesus is living water.
Ant: Wise children work hard.

  The littles get done a lot faster than the bigs, but despite my suggestions that they go play, they never want to leave the classroom.  Ok, sounds great to me!  I just keep them busy with additional activities the rest of the time, until we are ready for chapter book reading, hands on science, or music/art.

  Melissa and Doug toys are always a hit. Got the beads from MWF with our curriculum purchase, and the bears are from Amazon.activities
  We found a great teacher retirement garage sale this summer, and picked up some fun learning activities.  And, Aunt Kathy, filled in the blanks with tons of neat phonics and math activities from her teaching job.learning games

  This is a great way for them to “play” in the classroom, stay quiet for the big kids, but still be learning!  Sometimes, math time still looks like THIS, but it’s all part of the one room school-house style we enjoy learning in…..


  Next, I will go over how we figured out our daily routine and schedule.  It tormented me forever, throughout the ENTIRE summer, driving my have to have everything in order well before it’s time to take action self CRAZZZZZYYYY, but I finally got my answer….

Block it out!

No, really block it out.  I will explain….



6 thoughts on “Our Kindergarten Curriculum

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  2. I so wish I had used MFW for these beginning years. But, we do use Sing, Spell, Read and Write and that one is really good as it covers all of the Language Arts needed for the beginning years.
    Keep up the good work Mama! You are doing sooo well for your first yr. of homeschooling.:) I am very proud of you.

  3. I’m so excited watching you set this up and showing your methods. Definitely getting more interested in home schooling and your making it sound easy!

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