A Merry Florida Christmas & A Happy New Year Too!

 Hi there! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas and New Years!  We were blessed to get to host TWO Christmases in our home this year like real live grown ups.
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East coast cousins are FUN!
This is just one counter of food.  We made GOOD use of our new functioning kitchen!10670256_10155005298790230_5389568587858332244_n

The next morning at 7:14 am, we left the cold and headed 1500 miles to some warm Florida sunshine.

Now, you know I LOOOVE snow, so I was a bit bummed to miss a pretty one the week we were gone.

Here is what our house sitter sent us:


Here is what we were doing:

10881557_10155023492985230_2342697264455915932_n   10869768_10155024380955230_4624876166830656067_o

It’s a little hard to miss a snow fall TOO much while you are in the sun and eating great food, but I do love a good snow. I hope we get lots more this winter!

We are still in Florida as I write this.  I am sitting on the floor of Chad’s living room working late into the night while the house is quiet.  I wanted to share our Christmas photos with you!  I am away from my normal computer and blogging program, so I am going to have to link an album on facebook for you to go see.


It will be good to be back into the swing of things, hitting the last half of the school year hard and waking those vacationing brains back up.

So many exciting things happening in 2015…..

We are getting ready to travel and do school on the road! SERIOUSLY!  What a dream come true!  Good thing we have a cool diffuser to take with us, love how it makes our home smell and feel, on wheels or no!

We made the rank of Silver over Christmas, and we want to keep our momentum, so if you want me to come do a Healing from Home Essential Oil Class for you, please let me know, we are open to traveling just about anywhere!

Your only job is to provide a living room full of family and friends for us to speak to about these amazing oils.  They can taste and try for themselves during class!  We would have such a great time!  And to get to meet some of my favorite readers, would be SO incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I am getting sleepy, better hit the hay. There are 7 active kids in this household and that makes for a full day of busy fun.

Go check out those pics, we sure had a ball!


3 thoughts on “A Merry Florida Christmas & A Happy New Year Too!

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  2. Ohhh, I am kinda jealous!!!! 😉 We have been having almost 50 mile an hour winds here on the hill and it is FREEZING!!!! But, no snow! We had a very warm Christmas and rain.:( The kids were kinda bummed.
    So glad that you are enjoying yourselves tho. It is so nice to see your Dad is doing soo well!
    I love that little diffuser. I was going to get one and by the time I went to order they were all gone.:( I guess I will have to wait until they bring it back again. I am really surprised that they don’t sell it all the time. It is a great size!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures. It is ALWAYS fun to see what’s going on.
    Sending love and {{hugs}}

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