East Coast Summer: New England

Come on over and read about our New England journey, part one!  🙂



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Home Sweet Rolling Home: Part 2


Hey guys, new post on the RV Oilers website. I have had a few of you asking if there is a way to subscribe to it, and sadly, the answer is no.  That’s the only thing so far, that I don’t care for on the weebly website. {which our graphic designer selected for this project}

The BEST thing you can do is come “Like” and “Follow” us on our facebook page: the 4 little Traveling Fergusons, link is http://www.facebook.com/rvoilers, so you can see when a post goes live.
I won’t always come here and post the link, but for a season would be happy to offer that until you all get accustomed to the new system.  🙂

Now, come on over for day 2 of our home tour! 🙂

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Home Sweet Rolling Home: How It All Came to Be

We have a new blog post over at our RVoilers website! Be sure to check out the Our Story tab for the full background on how the Lord showed us loudly, in a way we could understand, it was time to sell our dream home, 30 acres and a life we loved, to hit the road!

For now, I have a new blog post over there:

Home Sweet Rolling Home: How It All Came To Be!


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East Coast Summer: North Carolina

Hi friends, come on over to RV oilers, we have a new blog post today!  East Coast Summer: North Carolina


I was sad to find that the website host we chose, doesn’t allow subscriptions, so the best way for you to know when we have a new blog post live, is to follow the 4 little Traveling Ferguson’s on facebook.
Make sure you chose get notifications or it won’t show up, mean ol facebook hides stuff! 😉
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New blog post found at RV Oilers Website

East Coast Summer: Tennessee

I won’t always come here to post new blogs from our website: http://www.rvoilers.com, but until you all are used to getting blog posts over there, I will send a little reminder! 🙂

This 4 little Ferguson’s blog will stay up for all the memories, good food to search through, and all the folks who still find us in the middle of the night as they search for truth, but all new adventures will be found on the new blog!  Come see us!