Wisconsin Love: Part 2

Wisconsin Love Part 2 is on the blog today! We went to see the Cranberry Capital of the WORLD…….



See you there,
Hugs! T


2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Love: Part 2

  1. I so love how the Lord uses your family. Not only your restoration but how the Lord is using you to transform lives. Do you ever come to Minnesota? It would be fun to know when you are and what areas you might be at my daughter and I could try to connect. The wisdom you speak in your restoration has helped me as a woman standing in the gap for my husband. God bless you all much love and keep shining for Jesus

    • Bless you for saying that! I LOVE helping others see Jesus in all things, marriage, life, oils, getting them to smile and laugh, throwing some skittles and sunshine their way! 🙂
      You are not going to believe this, but we just LEFT Minnesota 2 days ago!!!!! We only stayed briefly as we had classes to get to, but we will be back. I am blogging our short stay tomorrow.

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