Word of the Year 2017

I started having a Word of the Year in a particularly trying time in my life, and the habit stuck.  I find myself seeking the Lord the end of December, on what His word for me will be….

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One thought on “Word of the Year 2017

  1. can u email me I would like to speak with u thru email if u have time. you see I have been married 13 years and going thru my own walk in my marriage. ur blog has helped me stand firm and planted and recognize who the enemy in my marriage is. I want to start my own blog but I don’t have much knowledge how. I have been going thru this since July 2016 and I feel the holy spirit helped me to write my first blog post this morning. after a horrible day yesterday and much prayer last night, the words just flowed out of me this morning and many words later I stepped back and reread it and couldn’t believe I wrote that.

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